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Man's Best Friend...and a Redtail's Supper


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I've often worried about my little dog when we're out at the river. Redtails, Marsh Hawks and Harris Hawks abound. At 20lbs he's probably a little big but a big Redtail can do some damage. I saw one get a jack rabbit once and it was Wild Kingdom in my face. Very cool. As for Chihuahua's I have a hard time considering them "real" dogs. I suppose they are. ;)

I like this quote in particular -

"The woman yelled, “Drop the Chihuahua,” and then swung the leash around so both animals slammed into a wall. The bird dropped to the ground, where the angry pet owner stomped its belly. When the hawk still wouldn’t let go of the dog, the woman dragged them both to her house and slammed the door repeatedly on the bird."

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Im kinda surprised that when she screams "Drop the Chihuahua" the bird didnt listen...

Also, so the dog got attacked by a bird and swung into a wall while attached to a leash and a bird? Thats a bad day for that dog.

Waiting for Peta to intervene on the bird's behalf.

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