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I am Addicted to A&E's "First 48"


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I have a confession to make. I never much liked homicide detective shows. Although there are a ton of homicide shows on TV they've always seem fake, scripted, and unreal to me. I never much liked "reality TV" shows. Reality TV shows also seem somewhat staged. I've never liked the TV show "Cops"... it always felt too petty and mocking of the subjects. In spite of all my predisposition against such a show, I can't turn off A&E's "First 48". Maybe its the fact that I like the way they show how real homicide detective work goes down. Maybe it's the fact that much of the culture shown on those shows is foreign to me (I don't just mean the urban areas, but I'm not a murderer, I don't know how criminal's work). Maybe its the fact that I like seeing justice get done (for the most part). Maybe it's the fact that I'm interested in some of the legal aspects (if you are ever accused of murder don't go down to the station and provide a voluntary statement, half the time the people incriminate themselves because their alibi puts them at the scene with the person, just they didn't kill them). This show is more addicting to watch than anything else I've discovered recently.

So book, me, arrest me, put me in jail. You don't even need to coerce a statement or use misleading bluffs like "I've got witnesses that put you at the scene of the crime!" or guilt me with pictures of the victims. You don't need to badger me and pressure me into "telling my side of the story" (ie. give us enough evidence that you were at the crime scene with the victim). I'm guilty of being addicted to this show.

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the thing i find kind or shocking about that show is how often shey seem to need a confession by ther perp in order to close a case. maybe its part production, but it sure seems like if they dont get the confession, they dont have much else.

almost as surprising is that people dont just shut up and say, i want my lawyer, jackass.

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