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GameDay Thread: Divisional Round


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How come nobody wants the Seahawks to win? I'd laugh my ass off to see a 7-9 team in the NFCCG.

Packers, Seahawks, Jets, Steelers.

I guess I just like the underdogs but I can't stand the Ravens.

Id' love to see Packers and Seahawks win cause not only would a 7-9 team be in the NFCCG, they'd be hosting a game to go to the Super Bowl. :ols:

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Steelers win 10-6. No one cares about offense in this rivalry.

Packers win 27-13. Packers D shuts down the run, Matt Ryan gets sacked 5 times.

Seahawks win 20-14. Some have said the Bears fixed their O-line problems. I say Cutler gets sacked 4 times, hit and hurried many more, and throws 3 INT's.

Patriots beat the Jets 24-23. By a foot.

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The winner of Pats-Jets is going to the Super Bowl. I just don't see the survivor of Steelers-Ravens standing much of a chance in the Championship game.
Pats yes, but I think if SOMEHOW the Jets win they'll lose next week.
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