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2011 ES GM Mock Draft Discussion Thread/MOCK CLOSED DOWN

Dukes and Skins

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So some of the guys over in the Draft Thread thought it would be a good idea to do this and I thought I'd post it here in the Tailgate but mods if it needs to be moved go ahead.

Our goal here is to have a GM Mock Draft with anyone being the GM of any team. The only thing is that you make realistic picks. What I mean is don't take a QB with the Steelers or the Patriots in the 1st round. Do some research on team needs and then make the picks for the teams

As of right now all teams are available except for the Raiders which I am calling

So with that you can post and say who you want and give any ideas because as of right now I was going to do 7 rounds but not worry about any compensatory picks. Trades can be made for picks but picks for players can't be done because we are going to assume the CBA isn't done in time for the draft

Here's the called teams

D&S- Raiders



Terrifnick21- 49ers

jsharrin55- Patriots

Floodzone004- Buccaneers

The Tris- Seahawks

Forehead- Chiefs

Hersh- Panthers

Daveakl- Redskins

Reaper21- Colts

Stevemcqueen1- Falcons

skinfan2k- Steelers

Connskins26- Lions




The X-Factor- Texans

mcterry7- Jaguars

GibbsFactor- Cowboys

f_trizzy- Eagles

chaught76- Vikings

SkinsKin26- Bills

[[ghost]]- Broncos

Dro- Ravens

Gallen- Bengals

Hitman- Titans

Tml- Dolphins

Skinsfan834- Giants

Gorebd- Bears

Styx- Cardinals

Teams remaining

New York Jets

Some ground rules I've done so far: No trading of players for picks, picks for picks only and it will be only picks in 2011 none involving 2012 or beyond. This allows for it to stay only for 2011 and then no teams just dumping picks off towards 2012. Also I'm going to try to keep the draft strict meaning you'll have a 2 hour time slot to make your pick, if you can't make your pick PM me your big board or if someone else wants to help out they can do that as well. Just some stuff to know



there is the link to the draft thread just in case it gets bumped off the 1st page

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ill take the colts and first ill get a new coach or just let peyton be the coach.

trade a third rounder for Fat Al yeah he will fit right into my 4-3 system with freeney and mathis plus we dont play defense anyway so he will fit right in.

Also would like Clinton we dont run so he can sit and block for peyton. Damn two great moves for the colts and skins.

but seriously can i play with the colts

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