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Are you on the waiting list for Season Tickets


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Just wanted to get a tally. of those who are on the Waiting list. I finally have season tickets after 11 years on the list. How long have you been waiting?

WT? - My nephew came off the list in 2010 and was on the waitlist for only about 5 years. He was offered seats in section 406 row 15 - $87 per seat per game. He planned to only go to a couple games a year and sell the rest. I told him not to do it and he followed my advice.

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My name came up after 4 years as well. I and my friends, however, have great seats that we buy from a season ticket holder, he just keeps selling them to us and has no desire to use them. We cannot afford to purchase the rights but this is a nice arrangement. With the cost of those, I could not act on picking up my own rights for the upper deckers.

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I was on the list for ten years. I called this year and asked how much longer? The agent said it was hard to tell, could be the next two years. Then two weeks later I get an e-mail saying my name came up. I would have jumped at the chance a couple of years ago. I've been spoiled by buying tickets off Ebay and Craigslist for face value and below. I have sit in the lower section or club section the past seven seasons. I'm not interested in the Mile High Club even though I'm not knockimg it. My neighbors have been season ticket holders forever and they still sit in the 400 section. They love it. They say that is where the true fans sit!

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I've been on since 2002. I know that I have filled out the online for a couple times because email has changed. I did get a call from the ticket office about 2 years later trying to sell me over priced club seats. Sometimes I will get emails for the "special" offers on overpriced club seats.

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How did it take you 11 years? The average seems to be 5 or 6.

I will never fully understand this process.

I think it's just devolved into a glorified marketing list at this point, without much rhyme or reason to it. I was told a couple years ago that I was something like #190,000 on the list, and then a couple years later my number magically comes up. I’m not interested in buying at this time, but I like being on the list to get the e-mail promos.

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At some point, I must have put my wife's name on the list. She "came off" the list, but they are offering her club seats (which anybody can buy, because they can't sell them). We already said no thanks (should have asked how much of the 7 grand included the legal fees for suing people for breaching their contracts)

Email we received:

Here is the season ticket information for the seats that I have available immediately for the 2011 season. This is priced for a 3 season membership. You pay for tickets one season at a time, and payment plans are available in each season. These memberships include invitations to monthly events such as ****tail parties with our players and coaches, meet and greets, and VIP Access to training camp and other events. You may also visit www.redskins.com/premium2010 for information on the benefits you receive. Please let me know if you have any questions.



-Best sightlines of the playing field

-Larger seats, more leg room, cup-holder equipped

-Exclusive climate-controlled concourse

-Waiter/waitress service directly to your seat

-Option to purchase premium parking (Orange Lot)

-Private escalators to Club Level Concourse

-Access to Monte Cristo Cigar Bar, Hooter’s restaurant, and other Sports Bars

I. ZONE D Joe Gibbs Club Level –

Home Side: Section: 306 (Row 6)

TOTAL PRICE for 2011 season (2 seats/parking/tax) --- $7,338.40

*To reserve seats for the 2011 season, a down payment of only 25% of the total price would be required.

Hail to the Redskins!

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