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AFP: It's in the genes, suggests Czech transsexual 'family'


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It's in the genes, suggests Czech transsexual 'family'

PRAGUE (AFP) – Dominik was a woman, Andrea was a man, and now after switching their genders they are a couple watching the son Dominik gave birth to, turn into a woman.

Fifteen years ago, Ilona Tomeckova, a woman living in eastern Czech Republic, left her husband and young son to move to Prague and become Dominik Sejda, a man, Czech Television said in a report on its website Tuesday.

After becoming a man, Dominik found it hard to find a partner for years, but two years ago he met Andrea Kajzarova, another transsexual who, before a sex change, was a man named Tomas Kajzar, a bodybuilder.

"She had a man's genitals when we met, but she had a neutral name and looked rather like a woman," Dominik told Czech TV, adding he knew about three similar couples in the Czech Republic.

"Dominik has such personal charm that I told myself after about four months: yes, this is the guy I want to spend my life with," said the tall and still powerfully-built Andrea.

After meeting Andrea, Dominik decided to resume contacts with his former family, only to learn in awe that his son Radim was in the process of turning into a girl named Viktoria.

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