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Need some basic legal advice from the resident ES lawyers here


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Company A says upon completion of the project you will be paid a severance package.

A few employees were paid this package as work dwindled down and staff reduction occurred.

Company B buys out Company A.

Upon project completion,Company B states, we're not paying it.

Can they do this?

Or do they have to honor the contract they acquired?

Thanks in advance!! :)

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If you are John Doe and the company didn't declare bankruptcy it should be enforceable and binding.

Perhaps your state labor board could help


edit damn that link won't help unless ya are in South Africa

most every state has something like this



It is usually required that you go thru the system rather than the court


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successor liability, depends honestly. It all likelihood, it seems Company B would be liable, if they assumed all of the liabilities of Company A. That's the kicker, whether they assumed everything. If Company B had no knowledge of this agreement, the doubtful that they need to care. However, there are other ways to prove that Company B is a successor in one of the many definitions of it. SO again, unless you see the contract language, or if you see Company B acting and conducting businesss similary, then they probably are liable.

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pay the $250 and get advice from a real lawyer.

aside from that you need to get your hands on the purchase agreement. if they bought the assets than you're boned. cuz you'll have to sue company A for your money. if they bought the company then they would be obligated.

i'm not a lawyer. just an old fart.

edit: gets a bit more complicated if they bought the company assumed X debt. and you weren't reported as X debt in the purchase agreement. thats when you have to decide if all this is worth your lawyer fees plus hassle to recover X money. also weigh whether company A will have the money to pay you even if you go after them and win.

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Sorry to be a party pooper, but no lawyer should try to answer this kind of question on a message board. You don't have the necessary information and you don't have a client relationship. Your advice would be half-assed.

Just saying.

I know that Predicto.

I just trying to figure out if it's worth the time and money to go to the lawyers office. That's all.

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