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WTOP: Packages explode at Md. state government buildings


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WASHINGTON - Two packages have exploded in Maryland state government buildings.

A government official tells WTOP one package was at the Jeffrey Building in downtown Annapolis and another was at the Maryland Department of Transportation headquarters in Hanover.

Maryland State Police say there were no serious injuries, although a spokesman for Annapolis Mayor Joshua J. Cohen says a mail room employee was hurt in the Annapolis incident. The extent of the employee's injury was not immediately known.

The packages both gave off a small explosion or flare-up when they were opened. Sources also tell CBS News the parcels emanated smoke and heat.

State agencies have ceased all mail operations until hazardous materials crews can investigate.


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3rd package...

UPDATE: FBI spokesman Rich Wolf says a third package also is being investigated in Baltimore at the building that houses the state Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and other agencies. It is not known if the package is incendiary or related to the other two

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