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John Jansen live and uncut!!!! chat live right now at 12:30 EST


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Hey folks we're having a player chat with none other than John Jansen today at 12:30 over at CPND . It's a free chat and everyone is welcome! You aren't required to actually chat or ask questions so if you prefer to lurk and listen/read then that's cool too :) For those who wish to participate make sure you log onto the site and hit the Hardcore board. Then look up top in the upper right and click on "hogchat". Give the java scripts time to load, they can be a bit slow on laoding but once you're in it's nice and speedy.

If you have a question, the best option is to have it ready (ie a Notepad textfile), and then submit you request to ask it to one of the moderators. This chat will be moderated folks so it won't be a free for all. You will be given a spot in the question queue. The mod will tell you when you are up to ask your question.

Have fun folks and hope to see you there!

P.S. ONCE again this is free... no commitment besides your time is necessary!

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