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ESPN Insider on Champ Bailey


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Washington Redskins: A decision was made Monday to suspend negotiations on a contract extension for the Pro Bowl CB Champ Bailey, a team official said. Eric Schaffer, the Redskins' contract negotiator and salary cap expert, told the Washington Post that he and agent Jack Reale agreed to halt talks at least until late in the season. Bailey rejected a nine-year, $55 million contract offer delivered last month. According to sources, Reale never made a formal counterproposal, and the Redskins appear prepared to use their franchise-player tag on Bailey during the offseason if the two sides can't agree on contract terms.

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Charles Woodson i saw is having the same problems, they wont give him an extension yet, hmmmmmmm

If Champ leaves and we get our 2 first rounders, and Woodson and the Raiders dont work out, this could work out nicely for us! Woodson and 2 first rounders??? Or if the Raiders franchise him, Woodson and 1 first rounder, its still the gain of a first rounder, which means next year, we'll have two first rounders to use on the D Line!

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