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The Official Let's Franchise Tag Champ And Be Done With Him Thread.

Manly Dexter

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Champ hasn't won himself any new fans with his comments to date, but I'm pretty optimistic his contract will be worked out after the season and before it becomes necessary to tag him.

The good news is, we get to watch him in burgundy and gold for at least one more season -- in a "contract year" at that. If we get the kind of play out of him that we expect -- and that a guy looking for the kind of silly money he seems to be after had better serve up -- it will make the Skins' take on just how much jack to lay at this one guy's admittedly fleet feet a bit more clear.

And honestly, I'm not so sure he's doing himself any favors by letting this drag out.

Champ ... better lock your man down, brother.

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It won't come down to one or the other, Snyder isn't dumb enough to let those paths cross. BTW, Manly, that was a quite a harsh analysis. I didn't know he was Mongolian :). Anyway, people seem to forget why he wants this much $. True, you have to have nuts the size of grapefruit to turn down a contract that could eventually net you around $70 mil, but he is widely considered, and for the most part shown, that he's the damn best. We need him, cause our defense looks like **** on a stick without him (3 LBs that range from good to Godly don't make up a whole defense).

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The Champ contract becomes much harder to swallow after the season. This is so because currently we have room within this season cap to work with.

If Champ was signed before the season closes we could pay him a salary of 4 million this year and in effect that should reduce his signing bonus demands by 1.8 million. Thus reducing his burden in the future on the cap.

Good news for the Skins that he is not signed to date... the risk of injury is born by Champ and not the team. He is also playing for his contract this year be it here or another team.

Champ is a great shutdown corner but he is not a leader. To be paid at such a lofty rate I wonder what total value the player should bring to the team. Seems to me it should be a bit more than just the ability to neutralize one player from the other team.

Show me leadership, show me game changing plays and then you got something Champ.

Otherwise reduce your demands or look forward to the tag.

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