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Question for Tom (Giants Fan)


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Wet turf usually favors the recievers. They know where they're going and can make their cuts a little better. DB's have to react and sometimes lose their footing in the process.

I think we're gonna stop the run better than most seem to think in this game. And our own running game is gonna shock more than just the Jets. ;)

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Originally posted by Bufford T Justice

I guess we can agree that the Jets don't play in a lot of Mud then. That was my point. I think we had like 4 or 5 sloppy games last year. Most of which we lost.

Not true. The Meadowlands was rated one of the worst field surfaces in the NFL last year - it was a grass replaceable tray system that failed miserably because it was used by both the Jets and Giants and couldn't withstand the weather in the Northeast. For the last few years, the result has been a miserable surface with terrible footing and enormous divots - and it was even worse in the rain.

The new FieldTurf was installed this season and the players love it. But as far as having experience on a bad track, the Jets played on the worst around.

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