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That world beater Dewayne Robertson


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From Len Pasta-belly on girth brethren DeWayne Robertson, projected starter at DT for the Jets . . .

Latest proof that first impressions can, indeed, be deceiving: New York Jets first-round pick Dewayne Robertson, the defensive tackle from Kentucky who was the fourth overall choice in this year's draft, has struggled considerably in preseason. When we saw him in the first practice of training camp, Robertson was a monster, and the Jets guards could not block him. But that was then, and this is now, and right now Robertson hasn't made many plays. "(He) hasn't learned to use his hands," said one New York assistant. "He just figures that quick first step is going to get him through people. Well, it isn't, and he is finding that out. The tools are there, no doubt about it, but he needs technique work. And lots of it. But, hey, I still love his potential and believe he's going to be a force."

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I don't think I'll ever understand why the Jets traded two 1st rounders to move up and take Robertson. If the draft had been void of good DT's then I could understand but this draft was stocked with DT's. Hell, they could have played it safe and taken two DT's with their two picks. They could have Ty Warren and William Joseph right now or have parlayed their picks into something even better once they took a DT with the 13th pick.

I just don't get it and if Robertson doesn't pan out, Jets fans won't either. :whoknows:

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