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What Skin Player will have the best performance against the Jets


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I wanted to know what everyone thought. I believe Gardner will have the best game for a few reasons.

1. Spurrier has kept his cards close to his vest the preseason and this is especially true pertaining to Gardner. He was used so sparingly in the preseason one would think he didn't even play a single down. I believe the OBC is sly as a fox and has a nice game plan to use Gardner this week.

2. Coles will get all the Jets attention. They will double team him and have game planned for him. The Jet secondary knows this guy as well or better then our own team. I don't expect him to see man coverage unless there is some sort of breakdown or unless we are running the ball well and the safeties have to cheat forward and his speed blows past them.

3. Gardner will have a size advantage against either Mickens or Beasley who are 5-8 180 and 6-0 205 respectively. He should see alot of one on one situations in the game and Ramsey should have a better feel for Gardner over any of our recievers at this point.

4. Our revamped "O" line should give Ramsey the time to find Gardner and he can outrun the Jets safeties. The Jet safeties Sam Garnes and Jon McGraw are both 6-3 and while they may be Bigger then average they aren't the fastest safeties in the league.

Gardener should have a 10 catch 120 yard 1-2 td game.

What does everyone else think about who will be the top performer for the Skins this week?

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I'll go with Trung. We haven't shown any commitmet to the run as of yet, and Trung had a big game against the Jets a couple years ago.

I bet he's hyped looking to prove the naysayers wrong. Look for the Jets to blitz alot trying to rattle Ramsey, and for Trung to kill them on Draws and screen passes. With his speed, all he has to do is make one guy miss.

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Great analysis Tommy!!!

I've been thinking Trung myself because of his previous 190+ yd game against them, and because I think maybe SS doesn't want to get Ramsey killed his first game out, and will thus run the ball more. Then again, it's primetime, so maybe the Ol' Ball Coach will let Gardner stick it to 'em.

Yeah, baby!!!

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