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Exactly when did the media sour on the Giants?


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I remember right as training camps were starting, all we heard was how the Giants were gonna have an offensive machine, they would overtake the Eagles, Superbowl run, etc......After a couple of preseason games all the talk of the Giants has ceased to exist and now most experts have gone back to picking the Eagles and don't even feel a wildcard team is coming out of the east. What happened? Did some "MEANINGLESS" preseason games get these experts scared or something? I said from the beginning that I thought the Giants hype was not warranted as far as them making a superbowl run, however I think they are good enough to be a wildcard team. What exactly happened and why did the media sour on them practically overnight.

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Originally posted by Tom [Giants fan]

I had a long talk with the media and told them that when there are high expectations for the Giants, they don't normally do well. I told them to stop all the talking about the Giants or I am taking away their pens and pads!!

Good strategy~! Hell I would eliminate every Skins primetime game as in past few years primetime has not been nice to the Skins.

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