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Well, the preseason is over which means..


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it's time to put our official predictions down for the regular season. With only 3 days till the season kicks off, there isn't any better time then now.


We went 7-9 last year without a QB, without any Guards and with only one WR that defenses had to pay attention to. In addition to that, we now have a kicker who can actually KICK! Imagine that.

Some other predictions-

Candidate will be everything we could ask for and more. I'm figuring about 900 yards rushing and between 500- 600 yards receiving.

The LB's will have a great year (LaVar Defensive MVP)and Dalton will keep the Defensive line looking respectable.

Here's for week one: (Don't be stealing my prediction for "The Man" competition either).

Skins- 35

Jets- 13

Vinny's rustiness will give Champ and Smoot a pick each, and look for LaVar and Trotter to knock Vinny on his ass early and often.

Go Skins, and thanks ExtremeSkins for getting me through another offseason


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well,my prediction is 12-4

I believe these indian's are essembling an attack,but just waiting for the right moment...

There will be a few teams getting scalped this year and I think the jets are one of them....

Redskins 43 - Jets 10

Ramsey will have 4 TD passes and over 300 yards passing

Ohalete will have 1 INT along with Champ (wants his payday for what he is worth...)

Coles will do fine,but probably DBL covered the whole game ,So I look for Gardner to have over 100 yards recieving in this game...

We will have close to a 100 yards rushing,but not quite...(90 yards)

...and john hall will have 5 FG...

Redskins 6-21-10-6


Horse Trailer if there is one will be Patrick Ramsey,but it could be Gardner...!

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NFC East

Eagles- 11-5

*Giants- 10-6

Redskins- 8-8

Cowboys- 5-11

NFC North

Vikings- 9-7

Packers- 9-7

Lions- 6-10

Bears- 5-11

NFC South

Bucs- 12-4

*Falcons- 9-7

Panthers- 9-7

Saints- 7-9

NFC West

St. Louis- 10-6

Seattle- 8-8

San Fran- 8-8

Arizona- 2-14

NFC Wildcard:

Giants @ Vikings - Giants

Falcons @ St. Louis- Rams

NFC Divisional:

Giants @ Eagles- Eagles

Rams @ Bucs- Rams

NFC Championship:

Rams @ Eagles- Rams

AFC East

Patriots- 10-6

*Bills- 9-7

Dolphins- 8-8

Jets- 6-10

AFC North

Steelers- 10-6

Ravens- 7-9

Browns- 7-9

Bengals- 5-11

AFC South

Tennessee- 11-5

Colts- 9-7

Jaguars- 6-10

Texans- 4-12

AFC West

Chiefs- 10-6

*Raiders- 10-6

Broncos- 9-7

Chargers- 7-9

AFC Wildcard:

Raiders @ Steelers - Raiders

Bills @ Chiefs- Chiefs

AFC Divisional:

Raiders @ Titans- Titans

Chiefs @ Patriots- Patriots

AFC Championship:

Patriots @ Titans- Titans


Titans vs. Rams- Tennessee

I'd love to pick Philly obviously, but until A.R shows me he won't choke in big games, play calling wise, I don't see them winning the superbowl. Hope I'm wrong though.

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Redskins will go 10-6.

First game will be a 31-21 victory for the Good Guys.

I am really not expecting much out of our backs. Probably no 1000 yard rusher, but a true committee.

We will have two WRs who will be close to 1000 yards each.

Bruce will break the sack record (duh)

Lavar will have a monster year.

John Hall will win at least one game at the buzzer from over 40.

Team MVPs - Lavar and Ramses.

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Spurrier is learning to sandbag. I personally believe he's had some serious talks from Joe Gibbs and maybe some other N.F.L. coaches( even some active coaches). I believe Spurrier is learning not to show all his cards at once. the old saying is " HE WHO BLOWS HIS HORN THE LOUDEST IS IN THE THICKEST FOG."

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Redskins will go 9-7 (but miss the playoffs)

We win 27-20 against the Jets

We sweep Dallas this year

We split with the Giants and Philly

Betts will be starter by week 8

McCants becomes a solid contributor

Barker WILL last the season

Bailey's contract becomes a distraction (to us fans)

SKINS in 2004

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Skins go 10-6 for the season.

Win 13-10 over the Jests.

We're lucky to have two opposing starting qbs out in our first two games, both of which we'll win in low scoring contests.

By game three, our offensive line will have developed more cohesiveness and we win, going away..........

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I say Spurrier is pulling the old "rope a dope" or whatever that boxing phrase was...

I see us having a stellar year. I also agree that LaVar gets Defensive honors this year, Ramsey pulling a "Tom Brady" and everything will be clicking for him and the offense. Feeling of something...not sure what, but that we are on the brink of an exciting and magical year!!!!

Don't remember who it was, but someonein this thread had the quote about LaVar in their signature regarding when it all comes together for him & he gets where he needs to be, that all hell is gonna break loose.....that I guess, sums up my feeling - all hell is gonna break loose - but in a great Redskin way!!!

I say the NFC East ends like this..

:D Redskins - 13-3 :applause:

Giants - 9-7 :thud:

Eagles - 7-9 :whippin:

Cowboys - 4-12 (combined 52 points all season):doh:


I think the Redskins will not only make the playoffs, they will be in the NFC Championship game... I am thinking against the Rams or Miami....

I think we have a big game against the Jets this Thursday...

Redskins 38- Jets 6

I also pray SOS took the "Joe Gibbs - How To Make 2nd Half Adjustments Seminar" as well as the "You Must Do Research On The Other Team To Create Mismatches Seminar" also hosted by the Honorable Joe Gibbs in the off-season!!!!!

3 days to go!!!!!


(The pre-season fans were getting the wave started, lets keep it going - that was a riot!!!)

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optimistically, 9-7

more realistically, 8-8 (due to all the turnover)

It's not our year and I'm fine with that. I just want to see constant improvement, eliminating turnovers and mental mistakes as the season wears on, and prepare for the real show in '04 and '05.

As for Thursday:

Skins - 27

Jets - 17

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