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There will be more tinkering - The Skins roster is still not set in stone

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For those guys that are upset about the final roster cuts, don't worry as I predict there will be more tinkering with the roster in the next couple of weeks.

I can't believe the Skins will try to go 16 games with only two quarterbacks. :laugh: So look for them to bring in a #3 quarterback in the next week or two. They may not be saying much now because the FO doesn't want to tip its hand, but they may already have someone in mind off the waiver wire or via trade.

Such as maybe Akili Smith or Curt Anes who were both cut, who both I and Buddha would like the team to take a look at. Or Mark Brunell further down the line. In fact I read where Curt Anes looked pretty good in the preseason for Detroit, in spite of being cut.

It's possible some other prospects are out there who will be cut today. If a #3 quarterback is signed, then Orantes Grant or Todd Franz is a goner for sure. :)

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You forgot another player on the ones you named. Thw bucs have Brad Johnson, Shawn King, and Chris Simms as their 3 qbs.. but they also had Kliff Kingsbury in camp and he would be a good prospect to have as a #3.. He played pretty well in preseason and would make a excellent #3 for us.

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Anes among Lions' cuts

August 27, 2003 - BY CURT SYLVESTER


Rookie quarterback Curt Anes is gone, but he is far from forgotten.

Anes, who teamed with wide receiver David Kircus to lead Grand Valley State to an NCAA Division II championship last year, was one of the six players released Tuesday when Lions coach Steve Mariucci cut the roster to 65 players.

Fullback Brandon Drumm, a seventh-round draft pick, also was cut. So were defensive end Anthony Herron, offensive guard David Miller, wide receiver Scottie Vines and defensive tackle Shawn Price.

Joining the 65 are five players who have roster exemptions because they played in the NFL Europe -- wide receiver Pierre Brown, running back Autry Denson, defensive tackle Toby Golliday, linebacker Jody Littleton and wide receiver T.C. Taylor.

If Anes is not claimed by another team, he likely will get another chance with the Lions -- possibly after spending a season in the NFL Europe next spring.

"If he's waived and he gets claimed by somebody that certainly could be altered in a second," Mariucci said. "If he doesn't get claimed, we would like him to stay close to this organization, put him over there and let him play some, then get him back here for camp."

It is unlikely they will sign Anes to their practice squad, which is traditionally a haven for developing young receivers, defensive backs and occasional linebackers or linemen.

"You need the legs," Mariucci said. "You need a receiver, a corner and a linebacker. You need other positions more than you need a fourth arm usually."

Anes knew when he signed a free-agent contract that -- barring an injury -- he would have a difficult time overtaking Joey Harrington, Mike McMahon and Ty Detmer.

But with Detmer approaching 36 and McMahon weighing the possibility of testing the market as a restricted free agent next spring, the Lions might be in the market for a quarterback in 2004.

"He's certainly a guy I'll visit with regarding Europe," Mariucci said. "He's a guy that should keep progressing. He's chiseled up his body, lost about 12 or 14 pounds since we had him here.

"He's getting healthier, he's got a little swagger to him, a little smarts, a little savvy, good arm strength."

Kircus survived the initial cut but is playing behind a strong set of receivers -- Charles Rogers, Bill Schroeder, Az-Zahir Hakim, Scotty Anderson, Shawn Jefferson and Eddie Drummond, who is also the kick returner.

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I agree inmate. I hate to say it but some of Spuriers comments yesterday sounded like he was being a bit childish over the Weurfull cut. I think once he calms down, he'll stop holding his breath and re-think his two QB position. :laugh:

My first choice would be to make Hamden the #3 and continue to develop him with the team. He will learn a lot faster and better as a full team member than on the PS. And let's face it, if we are down to our third QB this year we're screwed anyway.

I wouldn't mind bringing in a cheap and available vet. But I'm just not sure we could bring somone like Akili up to speed in completley diferent offense than any he has ever run in time to be of any use. If that's the case why not go with the guy we have.

The one thing I DON"T want to see is Brunell coming here. He would cost too much and would not be satisfied with being the #2 guy. Talk about a QB contraversy... :doh:

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If teams were contacting us about Watson, what on earth were they asking? I mean, wouldn't it have made sense to get even a conditional 7th in 2018 rather than just cut him?

As for QBs, keep an eye on the Titans. They won't cut either McNair or O'Donnell, but they'll have to make a decision between Billy Volek or Jason Gesser. Volek's had a LOT of NFL experience (for a 3rd stringer) and Gesser's looked terrific in preseason. Either way, we'd have an upgrade.

Akili Smith stinks. He's not even a #3. He needs to see if he can get the experience he needs in Canada.

Anes is a possible. Most of Detroit's moves have been bizzare. Remember, last year when they were dying for a quality RB, they cut James Mungro, who goes to the Colts and gives them great play when James went down. Watch 'em cut Avon Colbourn this year. These guys are dumb to the bone.

I see Watson going to Philly. And if he does, I'll bite my tongue and wish him well. I've always liked the kid.

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Well.....dang. Wrong...me? The guy who moved into Lucent, saying "It just can't drop any further."?

I'm really surprised that O'Donnell's available. He and Fisher have had a strong relationship and he's been one of the premier #2s in the game. Maybe there's a medical problem, but if not, he's one of those guys like Chris Chandler who would make a great vet pick-up and could come in and win a game or two.

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