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Should Champ not resign, here's a possibility


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I know there is a lot of time left for champ to resign and all, but its never too early to check out possible replacements.

Dexter Wynn CB, Colorado State

For all of you that watched the CSU vs. CU game tonight you will know. It was a great game by the way and i was yelling for CU so im happy. But this guy is a gamer man. He is a physically gifted guy, he has insane speed and agility, great ball skills and hands. He's just amazing. He's like 5'9 179 so his height is a bit of a factor which makes me think he would be around late 1st early 2nd depending on the rest of his season. He played about 90+ plays tonight. Because he plays defense all the time cause he's a great CB, and he returns punts which he average 16.9 yards per return last year, and returns kicks. Also they say he's the best WR on the team so they try and get him out there as much as they can for that. He's definitly the real deal, he took away half the field from much bigger WR's he was covering. And they were good WR's too. He also says he studies champ bailey and loves the way he plays, he says he wants to play just like champ bailey. Oh and another thing, something that might be better than champ, he's an amazing open field tackler.

Very very good player, i dont like the team he's on becuase of other members of their team but this guy is great.

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