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Vick to PLAY!!!!!


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Marcus Vick that is!

Though the senior Bryan Randall did win VT's QB tryout over the redshirted freshman Marcus Vick. VT's coach Frank Beamer is going to give everyone what they want! He has stated that the redshirted freshman Marcus Vick will see significant playing time against Central Florida tommorrow in Tech's first game. For those of you clueless ones yes Marcus is the brother to Michael. It has been said that Marcus is BETTER than Mike, he can apparently throw better but still possesses that insane speed and cutting ability that Mike does. He is also right handed which helps. The game was immediatly moved to ESPN. It will be on tommorrow, Sunday at 3:00 on ESPN. He's not supposed to play till like the 3rd quarter or so though.

I cannot wait for this its HUGE. I wanna see what this kid can do. I heard about this a few days ago. Its so big that on the bottom line where ESPN is showing the times of Sunday's games it says next this for Techs game :

UCF at Virginia Tech 3:00 (Marcus Vick's debut)

Its gonna be awsome!

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Guest SkinsHokie Fan

I will be there tommorow. I am looking forward to this. Tailgating starting at 10 then some Tech action. If Vick plays great this is gonna be a fun season

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