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PFF: Re-Focused: Week 4, Redskins at Eagles


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Re-Focused: Week 4, Redskins at Eagles

October 7th, 2010 | Author:

Now we get a better idea of why Andy Reid was willing to move Michael Vick up the depth chart. Kevin Kolb was about as poor as any quarterback has looked this year despite a pretty good effort from his offensive line. The loss of the game doesn’t hurt as much as the loss of Vick to injury.

For the Redskins, the highlight had to be the smashing return to form of Albert Haynesworth. In only 33 snaps, he absolutely dominated, and Mike Shanahan likely won’t be able to keep him on the bench after this breakout performance.

Redskins: Three performances of note

Washington’s RBs looked reinvigorated against the Eagles. Both Clinton Portis (+2.6) and Ryan Torain (+1.5)were more or less unstoppable. Torain’s 3.9 yards per carry does not appear very good, but he picked up 62 of his 70 yards after contact and forced five missed tackles. He looked to be an apt fill-in with Portis apparently out for a good spell. Portis’ success was not only limited to running the football. His numbers aren’t gaudy: two receptions on two targets for 26 yards (34 yards after contact). But he managed to escape three tackles to pick up good yardage on a screen when it appeared inevitable he would be thrown for a loss.

Nose tackle Albert Haynesworth (+6.2) went a long way to proving why he was paid all that money. He was good in the run game (+1.4), making two stops, but did his best work when rushing the passer. Haynesworth (+4.7) had five pressures and a batted pass on just 24 rushes.

It was a very difficult day at the office for RILB Rocky McIntosh (-6.6). He was average against the run (+0.2), making six tackles (none of which was a stop) but also missing two. He struggled mightily in coverage, allowing nine completions on nine targets for 90 yards (84 YAC) with one pass deflection. He particularly struggled with LeSean McCoy, whom he couldn’t handle in the open field. He’s been grading in the red for three-quarters of a season now, and you have to wonder how secure his job is.

Rookie report

Washington free safety Kareem Moore (+2.9) had a good game both against the run and in coverage. The only other rookie, Brandon Banks, played just 2 snaps.

Random notes

The Redskins brought four on almost every play against the Eagles, with Laron Landry (twice) and London Fletcher-Baker (twice) the only players other than the defensive line or OLBs to rush the QB. … Kolb is doing quite well under pressure (87.9 passer rating), but when he’s got time has been horrible (60.7).


A bunch of interesting stuff in this article, using Pro Football Focus' metrics.

-62 out of Torain's 70 yards were after contact! He also forced five missed tackles.

-Haynesworth was a beast in every part of his game

-Rocky isn't playing as well as many of us have been thinking in this new defense...at least, not this game. 9 completions on 9 targets? And with 84 out of 90 yards gained on him being YAC...not good at all. Maybe that extension isn't coming after all.

Not to mention that none of his 6 tackles were stops. Is this an indication that our DL isn't keeping our ILB's clean? Or is he just doing a poor job picking an angle or shedding blocks?

-Moore good in coverage. When was the last time we had a safety who was good in coverage AND run support? Yeah.

-Much less blitzing this game, with Landry and Fletcher only blitzing twice each. Quite a difference from the recent playcalls that had both ILB's and a corner blitzing, etc.

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Sorry, mods. I really couldn't find another thread with this article.

I should have known that Oldskool would have posted it as one of his 12 threads a day ;)

Maybe it will get more traction this time, whether its merged or not.

I think there's some interesting stuff here, worth more than the 2 or 3 comments the first (correctly started :doh:) thread got.

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