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FS: 2 Tickets for Redskins vs Colts. Sec 118, row 4


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2 tickets in section 118, row 4. This is right around the 10 yard line. I made a mistake while purchasing tickets on ebay and I thought I was buying 4 tickets at $450, but apparently I bought 2 tickets at $450. The title read: "REDSKINS VS COLTS SEC 118 ROW 4 GREAT SEATS!". I blocked out everything except the "4 great seats!" part and got quite a shock when they told me my 2 seats were on their way. My original intentions were to keep 2 and sell the other 2 for about $100 each on here. After talking with the seller, he has offered me the same seats for the Bucs game at cost.

So I am asking for $400 for both seats to try and get my money back. I will also sell the two Bucs tickets at face value if you buy the Colts tickets. So it is 4 tickets (2 for Colts, 2 for Bucs) for a total of $600 in sec 118, row 4.

You can email me at Christopher.ferro@gmail.com, text at 410-251-5521 or send me a PM. Thanks...

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It's not inappropriate if you can prove you are asking what you paid. That being said, I highly doubt you will get that much on here and probably a tough time getting that anywhere. If I were you I would work with the seller and see if you can get your money back. If he hasn't shipped them yet, you can offer to pay his Ebay fees. If he has already shipped them, tell him you will send them back overnight express mail and pay for his shipping charges and ebay fees. That way, at most you will be out is around $50. Most sellers would not want an unhappy buyer and would be happy to work with you. I agree that title is very misleading even though I don't think it was intentional. Good luck!

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