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Jets Waive 2 WR's


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Patrick Turner..USC 6'-5" 220 36th overall pick in 2009 by Dolphins.

played with Sanchez right?

Jets have a slew of receivers maybe this guy could be a gem for us.

Just a thought...could be another USC Mike Williams bust I guess.

But damn 6-5 220. Skins sure need some of that..



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Lol. I thought Turner's knock was that he had no speed. So I googled his 40 time and I came across this 2009 draft day article with a quote from the great Mel Kiper:


Although he was one of the top-rated receivers coming out of high school, Turner under-achieved at USC. Oh brother.

"He's not a good player," ESPN's Mel Kiper said. "He didn't do it at USC."

But what the ****, we got Joey freaking Galloway--who came into the league when I was still in elementary school--as our #2. Give him a tryout.

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Personally I don't think you have to be extremely fast to get a jump ball in the end zone that I see each week in the NFL. Do you have great hands and can you out jump the DB's in the league is the real question.

The Skins are sorely lacking in that department. I don't know his vertical though. We need a red zone stop gap until we sign a quality number 1 receiver. Heck, maybe Turner's hands suck too!

But the Skins were lookig at 3 WR's last week and might as well bring this guy in instead of letting him resign to the Jets PS.

Come on Arian Foster was on the frirggin Texans practice squad last season and the Skins go get Ganther..LOL And I'm not saying this guy is the next Arian Foster.

I trust Bruce and Mike way more tha Vinnie and Zorn though..LOL

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Can we make it a rule on this board that if there is a post about another team cutting 2 WR's, then there should not be another post about how much potential M Kelly & D Thomas have? Seriously, how can people stand up for these 2 bums when fans are actively seeking out other teams cast offs, who we don't want for depth but are looking to slot them into a starting role.

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