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What happened to the homemade highlights of games?


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Was that banned since we are an official board? If so, please politely tell me to crawl back under my rock. :(

Did the few guys that did it just fall of the site or simply stop doing them?

Anyone remember the names of the few that did those bang up jobs? Man, i miss'em.

I knew it was a lot of work and did appreciate them ...

I would love to see some portis highlights and some of the big hits.

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I would love to make some highlight films. I was thinking of doing one for the Cowboys game, with a little more drama than needed, but make it up all nice....but...i do not have access to any game footage. If i can get my hands on game footage, I loved to start putting some cool stuff together...i'm actually not that bad at it :D

anyone know where you can get HD versions of the games, already on a DVD or downloadable?

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i made one for the Philly game, skipped the Packer game and obviously skipped the Colts game....I started a file download last night for the Bears game, but it takes me some time as i cant watch alot of the games here in Texas, so i have to go through and try and find stuff without having the knowledge of where and when all the good stuff happened.

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