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The last 3 weeks the 'Skins have sent several key players to the locker rooms.

Week 1- Demarcus Ware, Dez Byrant

Week 2 - Andre Johnson

Week 3 - Steven Jackson

Week 4 - Michael Vick, LeSean McCoy


Week 5 - Aaron Rodgers, Jermichael Finely, Clay Matthews (pulled hammy)

Week 6 - Joseph Addai, *Dallas Clark, * Austin Collie

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Seeing these kind of games and knowing the impact that this can/will have on a season...

It is painfully obvious that the only thing that the Owners want out of an 18-game season is more revenue. This is just going to make the product that much worse. Football is a violent sport and the few games that are played in comparison to other sports is what makes the system of drafting/trading and depth quality all important.

I wish fans had a say in the 18-game season

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I agree with the fact that the defense is definitely bringing the lumber. In fact if you go back to last year, a lot of the opposing teams star players were getting hurt against us. You don't want to wish the opposing team gets hurt, but you do like the fact that we are being very physical and intimidating.

I also agree with the post that an 18 game season is really all about more money for owners. With as physical as football is and the injuries, adding on 2 extra games I think will result in shorter careers for people. I think there is a lot of wear and tear as the season goes on and while its only 2 extra games I feel a lot more injuries will occur.

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I was going to post a similar thread. I lost count of how many eagles player got flipped. Our O must have been laying to wood too. Here is a quote from an NFL.com article.


"Eagles coach Andy Reid told reporters during his Monday press conference that cartilage between Vick's second and third rib might be cracked.....

Reid also confirmed that running back LeSean McCoy broke a rib in the first half against the Redskins but played through it. His status is uncertain. The Eagles coach also confirmed that Pro Bowl cornerback Asante Samuel and wide receiver Riley Cooper sustained concussions in the loss."

Woah...I gotta rewatch this game.

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Funny, I wrote this in a thread earlier this morning.

Week 1

Dez Bryant,

D. Ware


A Johnson


S. Jackson





A Samuels


We are a physical team. We like to hit and get takeaways... we also like to give up tons of yardage though...

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yo im not sure if im the only person who has been noticing this; when we play defense SOMEBODYon the opposing offense gets injured and they play a main role.

lets take a look off the top of my memory:

eagles - vick out for game/mccoy out for afew plays/jackson injured at the end of game

rams - steven jackson out for game

texans - andre johnson got injured but still played unfortunately

dallas - dez bryants rib injury

might be missing a few here but my point is that our defense is HITTING!

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