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Official Extremeskins/RedskinRoadtrips Tailgate 10/10 vs Green Bay


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Official Extremeskins/RedskinRoadtrips Tailgate

10/10 vs Green Bay

WAS_logo-80x90.gifvs GB_logo-80x90.gif

Time to send Green Bay Packing!!

After a helluva game against Philadelphia, the Redskins return home to a

happy crowd that is loving that we are 2-0 in the division, as well as the

leaders of the NFC East. We are facing a talented Green Bay team and we

need everyone to show up and scream their hearts out to defeat this fellow

NFC team. This could be the launchpad we need... Come on skins fans,

lets do this!

Our tailgates this year have been absolutely fantastic and I want to thank

every single one of you guys, because people have been stepping up more and

more with lots of great food, drinks and much needed supplies. This tailgate is

getting bigger and better year after year, and the reason is because each and

every one of you does such an awesome job. Don't think this goes unnoticed

either... The Redskins organization knows who we are and likes how we present

ourselves as fans and as responsible tailgaters. Lets continue to do our best as

the best tailgate at Fedex Field!

I am sure most of you are familiar with our tailgate threads, but I like to

emphasize that we try to be as organized as we possibly can. At the bottom

of this post you will see 4 sections (Food, Drinks, Supplies and Needed

Items). We ask that if you plan on attending, and if you can donate items to

the tailgate, that you check what we have and what we need and post what

you can bring. I will keep the lists updated as frequently as I can. We

understand that in some situations, that folks cannot bring something, but

we do ask that people who regularly attend the tailgate try to chip in



Food/Drinks/Supplies are appreciated over monetary donations

What is it:

We are a gathering of die hard Washington Redskins fans who love to come

together and have a good time out in the lots before and after the game.

Our tailgate has become a very popular point at Fedex Field, and we have

been featured on numerous news and television shows. If you like to eat

great food and enjoy tasty beverages while playing games, listening to tunes

and chatting about the brugundy and gold with fellow die hard fans, then

this is the place for you!

When is it: (tentative time)

October 10th. 9:00 am - 12:45 pm. Post game tailgate times vary (but yes

there is a post game tailgate!). The tailgate always starts the moment the

parking lot opens (4 hours before game time) and we start packing up around

30-45 minutes before game time. Many of us arrive even earlier to do a bit of

pre-tailgating on Redskins Road before the lot is opened... you can usually

find a bunch of us at the very front of the line :)

Where is it:

We have found a nice spot in the Fedex Field parking lot that offers us a ton

of room and protection from cars running all over the place as well as other


Section E-43 in the Green Lot (see map below).

From 495

  • Take exit 17B to merge onto MD-202 W/Landover Rd toward Bladensburg W
  • At the first light, turn left onto Brightseat Rd
  • At the first light, go straight onto Redskins Rd (stadium should be straight ahead of you)
  • When you get into the parking area surrounding the stadium, make the first available left
  • Go to the back of the lot (tree line)
  • Follow till you see the signs on the poles for E-42 & E-43 (we are smack in between)
  • We are against the treeline. You should see the 2 flagpoles with black flags and redskins flags as well as a large group of people and tents.

estg0s.jpg estg1s.jpg

>>> Click Maps for larger view <<<

Who can come:

Absolutely everyone... the more the merrier! This tailgate originated as a

tailgate for the ExtremeSkins and RedskinRoadtrips boards, but it has

expanded and has brought in not only folks from other fan sites, but it has

become a haven for all Redskins fans, their friends and their families. We

accept fans of all sorts, even of other teams. We ask if you come to the

tailgate, that you remember one thing... treat others as you would want to

be treated! We appreciate the razzing of opponents fans, as a matter of

fact, we encourage it! We do not however, tolerate any physical violence,

threats, property damage, etc...

Fans of all ages are welcome (We have non-alcoholic items as well). We

have lots of kids at our tailgate :)

What can I do?

We prefer that folks bring food/drinks/supplies rather than money. While

we do not solicit any contributions to the tailgate, they are welcome.

Many of us who help run the tailgate spend alot of money on the supplies

that we provide at every tailgate. Anything you can do to help is highly

desired and appreciated, such as bringing food, drinks, supplies or even

donating monetarily (which is distributed among the core members of the


During the course of this tailgate's history, every year, we have had people

step up and become core members that help with the organization, setup

and supply of the tailgate, which has resulted in its success. If you would

like to help out in this capacity, please let us know.

If you are bringing a food, drink or supply item to the tailgate, please post a

response in this thread with what you plan to bring !!

Who to contact:

You can get most of your questions answered in this thread, but if you have

specific questions or concerns, please contact Huly or myself via PM or by

emailing: pez@netpez.net

We will try to get back to you in a timely manner.

Again... most questions can be answered by members in this thread we have

alot of ES Tailgate veterans!


Food List

60 lbs Pez' Wings (Pez/Huly)

5 lbs of assorted wings (jcrowder11)

8 Hamburgers w/Buns (dfitzo53/Georgia)

8 Hamburgers w/Buns (PrettyInPink_SkinsGear)

? MooseBurgers (AlaskaSkins)

15 Brats w/Buns (dfitzo53/Georgia)

16 Hot Dogs w/Buns (PrettyInPink_SkinsGear)

1 Batch of Potato Salad (Lady Brave)

1 Banana Split Cake (Lady Brave)

1 Pumpkin or Sweet Potato pie (Burgold)

1 Dozen Krispy Kreme Glazed doughnuts (MarkB452)

1 Dozen Krispy Kreme Fancy doughnuts (MarkB452)

1 Dozen+ Fruit Filled Cupcakes (ECU-ALUM)

2 Bags of Chips (BigMike21)

1 Bag of Chips (MarkB452)

1 Batch of some Sort of Dip (Skins n' Bones)

1 Mexican Dip (BigMike21)

1 French Onion Dip (BigMike21)

Drink List

"The Bar" (skinsfan44)

2 Bottles of Flavored Vodka (ECU-ALUM)

2 Gallons of Hand Grenades (skinsfan44)

1 Margarita Slush bucket (MarkB452)

? Beer (AlaskaSkins)

24 Beers (PennState11)

1 Case of Beer (MarkB452)

1 Case of Beer (oraphus)

1 Case of Beer (jcrowder11)

1 Case of Beer (PrettyInPink_SkinsGear)

1 Case of Beer (BigMike21)

1 Case of Beer (Pez/Huly)

1 Case of Soda (Pez/Huly)

2 Cases of Soda (dfitzo53/Georgia)

2 Cases of Water (dfitzo53/Georgia)

2 Cases of Water (Pez/Huly)

1 Case of Water (jcrowder11)

1 Case of Water (BigMike21)

Supply List

1 Flagpole/Flags (Pez/Huly)

1 Flagpole/Flags (skinsfan44)

1 Fryer (Pez/Huly)

1 Grill (PrettyInPink_SkinsGear)

1 Canopy (skinsfan44)

1 Canopy (Pez/Huly)

2 Tables (skinsfan44)

1 Table (Pez/Huly)

1 Table (jcrowder11)

1 Table (ECU-ALUM)

1 Table (dfitzo53/Georgia)

2 Coolers (dfitzo53/Georgia)

1 Cooler w/Ice (MarkB452)

1 Cooler w/Ice (PrettyInPink_SkinsGear)

1 Cooler (BigMike21)

4 Chairs (skinsfan44)

4 Chairs (ECU-ALUM)

4 Chairs (jcrowder11)

4 Chairs (dfitzo53/Georgia)

3 Chairs (BigMike21)

2 Chairs (Pez/Huly)

2 Chairs (PrettyInPink_SkinsGear)

2 Chairs (MarkB452)

? Cups/Shot Cups (skinsfan44)

? Plasticware (ECU-ALUM)

1 Roll of Paper Towels (MarkB452)




- Soda

- Water

- Beer

- Bar Requests from Dave the Bartender (will be posted when we get his requests)

.......We could use mixers like OJ, Coke, 7-Up/Sprite, Ginger Ale, Tonic Water, Cranberry Juice,etc


.......Rum (Light and Dark)

.......Whiskey (Jack Daniels, Wild Turkey 101 and Makers Mark)

.......Irish Whisky

.......Baileys (Original)


.......Honey Turkey


- Hamburgers w/Buns

- Hot Dogs w/Buns

- Sausages, Brats, etc w/Buns

- Grilled chicken/steak/etc

- Other Protein items (Shrimp/pork/beef/chicken/etc... surprise us!)

- Side items (pasta salad, macaroni salad, veggie tray, etc)

- Desserts (cookies, brownies, pies, cakes)

- Condiments (ketchup, mustard, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, etc)

- Dips, salsa, etc


- Grills

- Canopy/Tents

- Tables

- Games (beer pong/cornhole/lasso golf/etc)

- Coolers with Ice

- Plastic Cups

- Plasticware (forks/knives/spoons)

- Paper Plates

- Napkins/Paper Towels

- Radios/Boomboxes (PLEASE !!!)

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I will be there, but Sapphire44 will not.

I will be bringing a friend who has never been to our tailgate before.

He has no idea what he got himself into. :ols:

I will have...

The "Bar."

2 Gallons of Hand Grenades

1 Redskins Canopy

2 Tables

4 Chairs

1 Flag Pole and Flags

Cups and Shot Cups

We are still pretty good with liquor for the Bar, but donations will still be gladly accepted.

We also could use mixers like OJ, Coke, 7-Up/Sprite, Ginger Ale, Tonic Water, Cranberry Juice ect ect.

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Case of Yuengling (the beer, not the panda)

Cooler w/ ice

Margarita Slush bucket (will mix w/ booze Sat and freeze overnight)

1 Dozen Krispy Kreme Glazed doughnuts

1 Dozen Krispy Kreme Fancy doughnuts (if you have requests, send me a PM, otherwise I'm getting a lot of raspberry ones and chocolate glazed ones)

2 Red Cross chairs/stools

Big bag of Sun Chips

Roll of Paper Towels

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I will be there, but Sapphire44 will not.

I will be bringing a friend who has never been to our tailgate before.

He has no idea what he got himself into. :ols:

>> I'm bringing 3 rookies myself. 1 Skins fan, 1 Packers fan, 1 I'm not sure about....(friend of the Packers fan)...

....checked and he's a Packers fan too.

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I will be travelling over from the UK for Sundays game. This will be my 3rd visit to see the Skins, (prev. v Cards 07 and Browns 08). Never seen them lose so hopefully keep the run going! Have visited the ES tailgate on both occasions and always had a fantastic welcome from the fans. Looking forward to seeing you all Sunday!


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I will be there this week but Stacey will not. I'll be bringing my BFBTW (best friend besides the wife..lol)/other singer to her first tailgate. Raub and AMF and their ladies met her couple years ago when she and I played a party they were at. Dave and Rick, I'm not sure if you actually met her, but if not I'm sure you'll recognize her from SotR shows.

Speaking of the band, our CD has finally been released! So I will be bringing some copies with me...only $7 each! :beavisnbutthead:

I also may be bringing my acoustic to jam on..

As for food...probably some kind of dip as usual, but as usual, I probably won't know exactly what until Saturday.. ;)

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