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How did Dalton and Chase look......


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I thought they looked ok, but considering their competition was considerably less than what they're going to see starting from now on, I'd be hesitant to say anything firm.

Both had their moments, and if they do that sort of thing in the regular season, we'll all be coming out of our chairs pumping our fists. They had hustle, Chase was making a good ruckus in the middle, but again... the opposition were backups.


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I thought our DL actually looked pretty good, even the starters. That game certainly goes to show the difference Trooter and Lavar make though. There was no flow to the ball. It was all one on one, and quite frankly we were getting whipped. That's why you saw missed tackles and guys getting dragged. Yuck! There was nothing like gang tackling. It kind of reminded me of 1999. We seemed perpetuately in position for a reverse. Nobody left home, but nobody closed in either.

That being said, the DL, even early on, did a good job of protecting the LBs. The LBs wee just left one on one, and they weren't going towards Armstead much. Quite frankly, Armstead isn't the young chicken he once was, so he's not chasing plays down to the opposite side of the fiedld any more either. HE holds his side, but that's it.

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I was at the game.

Seats were rather low (row L) near the north 20. (Unfortunately, most of the action in the 1st half seemed to be near the south 20.)

When the action was at the other end, my attention alternated between the jumbotron and watching the lines, and since Dalton was new, I watched him several times.

One play I saw was a sweep (or a play that got busted wide, I couldn't tell) to our side. Dalton not only plugged his side of the OL (grabbing a double), but was able to slide down the line, and made the tackle well outside the hash marks for minimal gain. (Our guy on the outside, CB?, also made that play by holding his blocker at the LOS, preventing the ball carrier from turning the corner.)

OTOH, that's the only play I saw him make that I thought was noteworthy.

Saw a lot of pre- (and some post-)snap trading places of the DTs. Does that sort of stuff really get us anything?

Rock was introduced as a starter. (Didn't see him in on a single offensive play, though. He was in on some STs.)

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I was pleased with the DL play overall ... considering. I didn't see too many guys getting blown off the ball, mostly what I saw was guys engaging blockers and staying in their lanes ... but nobody busting too much butt to slide OFF blocks and punish any ball carriers.

One of the announcers noted that they seemed to be just "catching" the OL rather than trying to beat block and make plays, and he was dead on.

Took me about 3 plays last night to see that this defense, at least early on, was NOT there to win a ball game. THey were there to get in their couple of series without getting hurt and getting out.

Later in the game, I noted Dalton and Chase being disruptive as hell in the middle, and made a mental note to say so here this morning. Yes it was against backups, but I consider that a good thing. It means those guys are BETTER than the backups and looked damn solid. I mean, you want that if these are going to be your starters ... right?

Don't anybody take anything from last night's scrimmage, as far as the DL is concerned, beyond that Chase and Dalton appear to be guys who might well end up starting a bunch of games this year and maybe not humiliating themselves.

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Larry, they do that to alter the centers call and to try and cause a problem in the blocks called by the Oline. Just trying to get a little edge anywhere they can. If they can get the center and the guard to get a mix up in a call, then it will open a gap and allow for a big stop or even cause a turnover. You never know.

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