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Panel's Preseason Pretenders and Contenders (week 4)


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I think That I'll start with the Pretenders for a change, just so I can get that part off my head.

1st, the pretenders

-David Terrell- got burned, and missed a huge tackle

-Chad Morton-hate to put him on here, but he isn't looking any better than the rest of the guys returning kicks, we gave up a lot to get him, maybe he just isn't getting the blocking that he is looking for.

-O-Line- sorry, I know it was just backups todaybut still, I used to feel we were very deep in this department, not any more, it we have the wrong player go down, we could be in trouble. Maybe a call will need to be made to Tre or Rod Jones some time soon?

-Weurfull-this may not be his fault, but we had a really difficult time converting with him, he had one great drive, but a lot of hair pullers too.

Now, this weeks contenders.

-Pat Johnson-WOW, I think he deserves the number 3 spot at WR Over Jacobs, Pat has done above and beyond what was expected of him, good punt returns too! A Special teams and Offensive contributer. He hold on to the ball, and makes the tough conversoins, he is a player.

-Peirce- proving that if things go wrong, he can step it up, it always seems as though he picks up a fumble in every game, he is aware of the game.

-Clifton Smith-had some troubles by getting blocked, but always stayed in the game, and made some physicly tough tackles.

-McCants-Made good catches when he knew he was about to get macked

Just on a side note, our guys need to button their helments with BOTH straps, not just one, too many helments rolling on the feild.

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