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Help connecting my Xbox 360 to my PC to be able to connect to XBox Live.

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Long story short.

I have done it myself before. But for some reason I cannot figure out how to do it again for the life of me.

I unplugged everything this morning to clean the fans inside of my computer. Hooked them all back up. The tried to play my 360 and realized it wouldn't connect to Live anymore. I can't find any solutions on the internet.

What is happening is my network manager is showing multiple networks, the regular cable one which we have. And it recognizes my 360 as an unidentified network but won't actual connect it to my current network or merge it or whatever.

It is pissing me off because I have been using it like this for a year then all of a sudden today when I unplug it for 10 minutes, everything reset and I don't know how to get it back the way I had it before.

I know somebody up here has a solution.

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