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Redskins Park: Quotes - Mike Shanahan and Donovan McNabb

Mark The Homer

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September 29, 2010

Redskins Park

Executive Vice President/Head Coach Mike Shanahan

On punter Josh Bidwell’s health:

“We should find out later this afternoon. He’s dealing with a doctor right now out of Tennessee. We should have some information shortly.”

On Anthony Armstrong, Trent Williams and other injured Redskins players from Sunday’s game:

“They were out there today. They had a pretty good practice here and a little progress so that’s a good sign. I’m not sure how sore they are right now but there were no setbacks.”

On how tackle Trent Williams looked:

“He looked OK. He’s feeling a little bit sore but he did get to practice so that’s a good sign. He did some team drills, but not all of them.”

On how he expects quarterback Donovan McNabb to handle being back in Philadelphia:

“I think there are a number of players that have been in his spot and I think it’s always a tough situation for anybody. I think it’s one that you look forward to. Even though there’s a lot of pressure. You pretend like there’s not and it doesn’t matter but it does. You’d like to play your best and that’s kind of why you play the game.”

On if Donovan McNabb’s knowledge of the Eagles defense will help him:

“I think it will help him. He had a chance to go against them for quite a while. They’ve changed a little bit. They’re doing some things different. They’re not blitzing as much as they had in the past so they’re playing a little bit of a different style on the defense than they have. It’s been very effective and they seem to get better each game.”

On how he thinks Donovan McNabb will be received by Philadelphia fans:

“I don’t know. I’ve played there a couple of times and I know it’s an interesting experience every time I’ve been there. I’m sure there will be some fans that cheer and I’m sure there will be a bunch that boo, too. That’s just the nature of our game. I think out of respect for what he’s done there, I’d be surprised if a lot of people don’t cheer.”

On there being an advantage of having Donovan McNabb know their offense and defense:

“I think they know him just as well, too. Who has the advantage when you know each other? I think it probably opens the gates to each other’s advantage.”

On how he prepares for quarterback Michael Vick:

“I’m not sure if you do. I don’t know if you can. Anytime a guy is averaging over seven yards a carry and he’s got six touchdowns and no interceptions—he’s very poised and he’s got a lot of weapons. That’s one of the reasons why they’ve had this success. He has handled himself extremely well. I’ve been watching Michael [Vick] since he has come into the league and to watch the poise he’s playing with right now is really amazing.”

On there being a difference in Michael Vick’s play since the last time he saw him:

“Well, in the two-and-a-half games that he’s played in that I’ve watched him, yeah. He has a little bit different type of attack than he had when he was in Atlanta. I’ve played him a couple of times and to watch him in the two-and-a-half games and that type of attack that they’ve had and the type of weapons that they’ve had, he’s taking advantage of every situation.”

On Michael Vick being a throw-first guy:

“When you can do both, you really present some problems. When I was in San Francisco and had Steve Young, Steve Young could do it all. He could sit back there and read. When he had to make a play when things would break down, he could make plays on his feet. That’s what it looks like Michael [Vick] is doing right now. He can sit back there pretty poised and obviously is very fast and illusive.”

On how he handled the Steve Young situation in San Francisco when Joe Montana came back to play against them:

“It was the same thing that year that we’re handling right now. Steve Young and Joe Montana were on the team (San Francisco) my first year and then the second year Joe got traded to Kansas City and obviously the game was in Kansas City. They built it up the whole week pretty similar to how it’s being built up here this week.”

On Michael Vick changing the Eagles’ offense strategically:

“It’s a pretty big change when a guy can make plays in the zone. He’s averaging over seven yards a carry. That’s unheard of in the National Football League. He’s done a great job.”

On if the team has any interest in the wide receivers that were worked out yesterday:

“We work out people all the time. We worked out some punters, receivers. We got people coming in and we’re always looking to upgrade our team. Part of it is an evaluation process.”

On cornerback DeAngelo Hall practicing without pads:

“His back was a little bit sore and didn’t get treatment Monday or Tuesday. [He] just worked out Monday and Tuesday and came in today and just hurt it right before practice.”

Quarterback Donovan McNabb

On if he is excited to go back to Philadelphia:

“I am just excited about this opportunity to give us a chance to get back on track. Obviously, the last two weeks have been ones where we were upset about them. To step back out on the field and possibly put ourselves at 2-0 in the division, that is my focus right now.”

On how difficult it is to suppress emotions he might have going into this game:

“I am still going to downplay it. For me to sit here and try to explain how my emotions may be, or what is going to be going through my mind, I think it is just like Mike Tyson said ludicrous. I think I can respond to that better when the game is over. For me to try and come up with something would not be right. I am going to approach this with you guys like I have been in the last couple of weeks – prepare, work with Kyle [shanahan], make sure we are on the same page and go out and execute plays.”

On if he is anxious to get this game over with:

“I am just looking forward to the opportunity to get out on the field again. I think for all of us last week, we kind of got embarrassed by the way we played. We are just looking forward to get out and hopefully erase the thought in our mind of last week.”

On the emotion that comes with walking in Lincoln Financial Stadium:

“I mean, I don’t know. I am sure I will probably have some type of feelings – who doesn’t have feelings getting ready for a game? I just hope I walk out of the right tunnel.”

On if knowing the Eagles will give him and the Redskins an advantage:

“I wouldn’t say that. We all know each other on a personal level. We know each other just by the way we play and how they may call a game. But, things happen differently and they are obviously going to try and attack me a lot differently than they have done for other quarterbacks. I expect that they have some tendencies that I have seen, and they know that so it is going to be a game. It is going to go back and forth and hopefully we will come out on top.”

On how he thinks he will be received by the fans:

“Hopefully cheers. I do know that the past 11 years have been great. You wouldn’t expect me to say I am going to get booed do you? The past 11 years have been great and that is one that you just can’t forget.”

On how many times he has been in Lincoln Financial Stadium’s visiting locker room:

“None. I am sure it is probably small, congested and probably not clean. But, that is what you do to opposing teams.”

On his relationship with Eagles quarterback Michael Vick:

“I am just happy for Mike. I am just happy for Mike and Kevin [Kolb]. It is an unfortunate situation with what happened with Kevin getting hurt in his first start and then them deciding to go with Mike. But, I am happy for the both of them. Just talking to Mike - we have been very good friends for almost 15 years now - I am just happy that he has had this opportunity and he has really flourished in it. He is really understanding of his role and what they expect of him. He is doing well.”

On if he would have ever imagined playing against Michael Vick in the pros when he hosted Vick on a visit to Syracuse:

“I thought we would be playing against each other and I knew we would be playing against each other. That is the type of talent he was. I remember when he came out and got drafted by Atlanta. He called me and asked me what should he do – should he come out or should he stay. That is something we talked about and we have kept in communication ever since.”

On what it was that he saw in Vick that made him think this was the year to watch out for him:

“Well, playing against him when he was in Atlanta, seeing him in practice and his work ethic, he is a guy who when I come in to watch film on Monday, he would say I am going to sit down and watch it with you. What time are you working out? What things do you think I should work on? What are you seeing out there? He was always asking questions and trying to learn more. I think for a guy who had been in the situation that he was in, some guys would just kind of play on the back burner and just be acceptant of his role. Here is a guy who wanted to be the best and wanted to get back to where he was in Atlanta. I was always just excited about his attitude, aggression and enthusiasm for trying to get back out on the field. I heard it all throughout the offseason that he was back in shape. Mentally, he was where he needed to be. The arm, I thought the arm never really went anywhere. He still had a powerful arm and I just knew that it would be something that they would use in the packages and it would be explosive kind of packages. We just didn’t know that he would end up starting, but he is doing well.”

On hearing Eagles Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg say that Vick was going to have a Steve Young-type year:

“It was kind of odd when I heard it. I don’t think too many people focused too much on it. I heard it and I was like, wow. When you hear a coach say that he expected that, that is really high praise. They knew what they had over there and they saw him through the offseason, OTA’s, minicamps and that nature. So, Marty had an idea of what type of talent that they had and what he had been doing with them. To compare him to Steve Young, that is major. Obviously, what they have been seeing now, they are pretty excited about.”

On his communication with his former Eagles teammates:

“We communicate. I talk to a couple of players over there – we text or call. But, I played there for 11 years, I have a lot of friends and I built a lot of big friendships with guys, some who are with other teams. We communicate. There is nothing to it. It is just a fact. Just saying hello, wishing them good luck and things of that nature.”

On how satisfied he feels by the success quarterback Michael Vick is having considering he encouraged the Eagles to sign Vick:

“I’m not a guy that’s going to sit and try to pat myself on the shoulder. Michael is a human being. He’s a man. He’s a hard worker. One thing that I wanted to do was give him an opportunity, give him a second chance. So many people turned their back on him and talked about the negative side of things. I think before you begin to make assumptions and try to read into anybody, you need to learn a little about him. I think now people are starting to learn more about Mike the person, not just the football player, but the person. I was happy at the fact that Andy [Reid], Joe [banner] and Jeffrey [Lurie] stuck their neck out for him to give him that opportunity. Obviously, it’s working well for them right now. That’s something that I am excited about. I am not here to pat myself on the shoulder or say I told you so or things of that nature. He’s a great friend of mine. I was just supporting him and having his back to give him that opportunity.”

On if the Eagles are about the present now instead of the future after starting Vick instead of Kolb:

“No one really focuses on the future anymore. Coaches have a short term before they get pulled - or players. Everyone wants to win now. I don’t think they were talking about the future. I think a lot of you guys talked about the future because they are so young. DeSean [Jackson] has kind of exploded into one of the elite receivers. [Jeremy] Maclin is making a name for himself, Brent Celek. They have talent over there. With Kevin [Kolb] having that opportunity, plugging in and giving these guys opportunities; it would be kind of just like Aaron Rodgers. Aaron Rodgers stepped in and threw for 4,000 yards his first year and all of a sudden now he’s one of the elite quarterbacks. I think that’s what they expected from Kevin. The future is still bright for Kevin. He is only 26 years old. It’s good for him.”

On if quarterback Kevin Kolb was treated fairly:

“This game really isn’t fair at times. It’s a tough situation obviously when you lose your spot after being hurt. That’s one that is hard to swallow. I am sure he’s not accepting of it really but he’s being a good teammate. One thing that I am happy about is that he is being a good teammate. He’s not a guy that’s lashing out, expressing his feelings in any sense. He’s being a true professional with it.”

On what Andy Reid and the Eagles organization mean to him:

“It means a lot. Their organization means a lot. The coaches mean a lot. The success that I have had is not just because of me alone. It was because of the players that surrounded me, the coaching staff and the coaches putting me in a great position. Eleven years is one that you just can’t forget about in a day, a week or a year. We have had a lot of success. The records that I hold there is due to Andy [Reid] taking that chance on me in ’99, the guys that I played with, the great players that are future Hall of Famers, those guys. I’m just excited that I had the opportunity to play with those guys but life moves on. You want to have that same success here in Washington.”

On if he feels like he was appreciated by the Eagles’ fanbase:

“I think a lot of times people focus in on talk radio and their opinions, their judgment. There are a lot of people who truly were accepting of the things that I was able to do and respected me as a person and as a player. I do feel like I was appreciated in Philadelphia.”

On this weekend being perceived as Vick versus McNabb and Vick’s numbers being better:

“I don’t focus on numbers. To me I do not look at it as Vick versus McNabb. I look at it as the Washington Redskins against the Philadelphia Eagles. That is the way it is. I am sure they will look at it just like we are. For me to come in with a chip on my shoulder and things of that nature, I mean every player has a chip on their shoulder about something. Is this something that I use? Maybe. Just an added chip, but I got a whole season ahead of me and that is what I focus on.”

On if he would be surprised if Eagles fans booed him:

“No. Anything is possible.”

On if he expects to go back to Philadelphia someday as a retired player:

“Do I expect to go back? Yes, absolutely. I spent 11 great years in Philadelphia. Now if I spend 11 years here that would be outstanding too. I would be old, but that would be great. The whole thing about it is, it is wrong for me to think about something later on down the road. But, yes I would and I would be excited about going back and being with the guys that I have played with. The Brian Dawkins, the Troy Vincent’s, the DeSean Jackson’s and whoever is in that whole deal”

On if he feels if there is a personal bonus in beating Philadelphia:

“I think we have a little bit more motivation than just with me going back to Philly. Obviously, by the last two weeks, with us being 1-2, it is a must win game for us. We feel like to possibly be 2-0 in the division there is a lot of factors that play into this and if it is an added bonus for them to try and win this game for me that is great but there is more and more motivation to this game than to just everything we have kind of been talking about.”

On the differences in the Eagles offense with Michael Vick at quarterback:

“I don’t know. I really haven’t watched them. I see the numbers after the game and I am excited for him [Vick] in that. He has some talent around him and Mike is getting out of the pocket and moving around. The guys that they have are making big plays for him. I haven’t really looked at their offense and compared anything.”

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