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NEED HELP FROM ALL! (Especially in Oklahoma?).......


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OK, I've run in to the my first Redskins "roadblock" in my lifetime. Starting at the end of the 1990 season I have only missed two Redskins games live (on TV).

1. 1998 at home against the Eagles--- couldn't bear to go to the sportsbar for that one, but I did roll out for the rest of that forgettable season.

2. Last year at Pittsburgh. My wife had graduation ceremoines that day-- I could have seen most of the game and/or taped it, but I was so upset with them by then, that I purposely didn't watch a play-- again, I decided to torture myself the next week with the Arizona game.

Anyway, to my point:

I live in Tulsa, OK and I am heading off this weekend to visit the in-laws in Oklahoma City. As (bad) luck would have it, the family Christmas party is set from 2-4 (central time) on Sunday. I am already upset that I will have to go to the sportsbar and not be with my trusty Sunday Ticket here at home, but now it looks like I will have to leave the game at halftime (or thereabouts).

I have already arranged for a friend of mine to dictate the rest of the game to me via cell phone, but if we win, I'm really going to want to watch that second half.

I would love it if someone could tape it for me. I only want it if we win, but obviously, I would pay for the tape either way.

If anyone is in the Tulsa or Oklahoma City area, that would be great and easier. If not, I would be willing to pay shipping and handling to anyone willing to ship it to me.

Again, if we lose, you can do whatever you want with it-- I will still pay for the tape though.


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