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Why Not Trade Portis For Hawk


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I have a friend who is a die hard Packers fan and is currently living in Minnesota, but is from Wisconsin. He told me that AJ Hawk is ill suited for the 3-4 and that is why he isn't playing in GB. We don't want to do this trade unless we can get a three way and send Hawk to another team for someone else.

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If you ask me, it's #59 that's getting caught in the wash and not making plays that's hurting our defense more than #52.

Ding Ding. As much as we all hate to admit. With subpar play in the front 3...the OLine is making it thru to our linebackers on rushing plays. Fletch, at a tough 5'10" gets swallowed up in the mix of bodies. This isn't a good fit for him, either.

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