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Wow, I thought the skins had moved beyond last second losses when they had the game in their hands. I thought they were going to beat the doormats of the NFL like the Rams. But No. As we said goodbye to Jim (I'm over my head Zorn) and welcomed in Mike (2x Super Bowl Champion) Shanahan, I was optimistic about our chances to win these type of games. Then as I settled down in front of my television the last 3 weeks, nothing had really changed. We were provided a gift-wrapped win against Dallas, then proceeded to choke a 17 point lead at home against Houston. I was still optimistic that we would poleax the helpless Rams this week and still be in first place in our division. As it slowly slipped away late in the 3rd quarter yesterday and culiminated with a barage of 3rd down conversions by a rookie QB with his starting tailback sidelined, I was quickly brought back to last year. What has changed. Hmm? We are still paying Albert. We have gone out and found a quarterback and paid a ton for him. Our special teams continue to struggle when the game is on the line. But most similar to last year, we stink in the red zone. How is it that other teams seem to have receivers streaking across the back of the end zone wide open and we can't seem to find anyone open or get 3 yards by the ground to score TDs when we are inside the 20. This fan has had it with all the money spent, the promises of change and the hope that things are going to change. I know it's cliche but I'll believe when the following things happen. 1. We win a game when we have a lead in the 2nd half. 2. We consistently score touchdowns in the red zone. 3. Our defense shows they can get off the field. Until that time, I'm going to lower my expectations to a 6-10 season and be happy that the skins will have won more than last year.

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