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The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The Unseld Jr Era


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1 hour ago, Ball Security said:

Can someone give me the cliff notes version on the NBA salary cap.  I understand NFL and MLB contracts much better than the NBA.  What is the difference between the soft cap and luxury tax?  Looks like there is between 15-20M between the two.  What is the impact to a team that sits above the soft cap, but below the luxury tax.  Sounds like we will be currently over the soft cap with 8 players signed for 21-22.  Could we still go after a 3 and D guy like Gary Trent II (I know he’s restricted)?  Do we have a mid-level exception, and if so, what type of player could we get?


The eight players under contract are who? Westbrook, Beal, Rui, Deni, Gafford, Bertans, who else?  Hutchison? 


Whenever you reach the salary cap in the NBA, new contracts that you sign have to come in the form of specific exceptions.  These exceptions determine the structure of the new contracts, and the main ones are Bird Rights contract exceptions, the MLE, veteran minimum contract exceptions (so you can fill out your roster), rookie scale contract exceptions (so you can sign your draft picks), and the bi-annual exception (which is smaller than the MLE but bigger than a vet min, but you can only use it once every two years).


The Bird Rights exception is the most important.  It's how a team up against a cap can keep their key homegrown players.  What it means is that you can keep any player that you've had on your roster for X number of years by signing them to a new contract, but that new contract has to at least be a raise of a certain amount from their previous contract or another maximum contract if they'd had one before.  But there is another stipulation that says if you trade for a player who is on a long contract, then his Bird Rights years that his previous team accrued from having him on that contract transfer with him to his new team, so his new team can use those Bird Rights instead of them getting lost in the trade.  Otherwise players would get screwed out of big potential raises they'd earned if they get traded.


Bird Rights exception contracts are how teams sometimes spend way over the soft cap line.  They can lead to max contracts whereas the other types of the exceptions produce much smaller contracts.


You get an MLE every year, but you're supposed to only have one on your roster at a time.  I can't remember why, but there are ways to get more than one.  Pretty sure we have our MLE, and the kind of player you can sign with it is usually a limited role player unless your team is a contender and can draw in a better role player who is ring chasing.  The MLE is basically calculated as the deal for an average rotation player, but that allowance can be broken up into multiple smaller contracts if you want.


A team that goes over the cap but stays under the luxury tax line can't sign any new non-exception contracts but they don't have to pay tax.  A team that goes over the tax line has to start paying tax on every dollar over the line that they spend.  This is an effective deterrent for non-contenders, especially for small market teams, and especially if the tax threshold is crossed in multiple consecutive seasons.  The NBA has a repeater tax that becomes very steep for being over the tax line in too many consecutive seasons.  Also, if you go too far over the tax line, then you reach a level called the apron which triggers even more restrictive contract structuring.  You can't use things like the full MLE when you're over the apron.  And then eventually if you go too far over the apron you reach the hard cap, above which no NBA team can spend.  Not even the rich franchises who can afford big tax bills.

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23 minutes ago, TryTheBeal! said:

Isn’t Golden State on the hook for like 150M of “cap tax” next year...or something like that?


I didn't know that, but apparently you are correct.  https://www.nbcsports.com/bayarea/warriors/warriors-luxury-tax-bill-far-outpaces-every-team-nba-season


Maybe they'll get some relief on that though because of the revenue loss from the pandemic.  They're a rich team with deep pockets, but god damn.  That's a horrific tax bill, especially if it was mainly triggered by acquiring Kelly Oubre...

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Kind of sad that the Warriors failed to make the playoffs with just one of four monster contracts being injured.  You’d think a team with three guys earning as much as Steph, Draymond, and Wiggins would at least put up a fight in a playoff series.  Owners are wasting a lot of money on the idea that Klay alone turns them into a contender. 

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5 minutes ago, CRobi21 said:

Can dry hump and pelvic thrust. No screaming though.

Can’t walk toward an opponent and do either of those things. He looked like an idiot trying to flex on Harris. Turn and tell to the crowd so you don’t give up a dumb point. 

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