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The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

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10 hours ago, Destino said:

IT didn’t play.  Defense was better tonight.  Coincidence?


Gotta get him back in the mix, we may win too many games without him.



As much as i want to see him in a lineup with Wall and Beal, trading him may be the only move if he continues to play this well. On his current trajectory, some team will offer him a max or near max deal.

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4 minutes ago, CRobi21 said:

Herro is nice.


He and Bertans would be like porn for jumpshot enthusiasts.


I got a feeling Herro got basketball stories for days


I need a longform article or podcast series on that guy, he different



Ish has some craft when he's in the paint, pretty adept at going to the opposite side of the rim

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Wizards played pretty well tonight, they just missed a lot of big shots late that Miami didn’t.  Good game, and a fun one to watch.  

Wagner was right about those charges not being called too.  You can’t jump pass and land on guys in the lane in the nba.  That’s a charge every time in the nba rule book.  Point guards get called for that all the time, but tonight Jimmy Butler kept doing it and the refs simply decided to allow it.  It’s not like they didn’t see it.

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