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The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

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Ignore blatant foul on Wall. Call flagrant onnother end where missed call put the team at disadvantage. Call illegal defense after Love spent 8 seconds in the lane without moving. Wave off a 3 pointer after counting it. 10 point swing in less than 2 min of clock time literally all in the officiating. 

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Let me know when the Cavs make the Wizards rotate on defense, and it doesn't result in at least one wizards player being completely out of position.  It's almost funny to watch. They end up triple teaming someone while two guys are alone after two passes.

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6 minutes ago, CRobi21 said:

LeBron way too comfortable all night. Somebody has to put him on his ass. Hard foul next time he drives. 


Although you probably face suspension if you do.... 


Mahinmi fouled him the most delicate way possible


The man is ****ing useless

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6 minutes ago, Renegade7 said:

Getting sick of seeing Wall on LeBron.

Walls done a pretty good job.  I'm sick of Brooks never doubling anyone, no matter how bad a mismatch.  Lebron is hitting difficult shots repeatedly though.  Not much you can do about that.



2 minutes ago, Llevron said:

Beal finish at the cup better than Wall now?

Walls not right.  His shots been off this season and his free throws are broken now.  He's known for playing despite injuries, wouldn't be surprised if he's got a bad shoulder.

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Hula-hoop game for LeBron.  And every single loose ball and long rebound seemed to end up in his hands.  You can't do anything against him when he's like that.


We need to start over from scratch on defense.  Oubre has been getting smoked and the switches are broken.


The team is playing like absolute **** right now.  I was hoping they'd play better in November but it's been the same issues since game one.  They need to rip off a win streak here soon or else not only won't we compete for the one seed, we'll be in a dogfight for a mid-seed and staring at a second round series against Cleveland.

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Wow... The Wizards looked like dog ....  The team allows John Wall to dribble penetrate way to often.. Three possessions in a row he missed shots and turned over the ball.. JW  Free Throw shooting has been horrendous..  Kelly Oubre (While I like him) is a mental lose cannon...  This team has believed it's hype and have failed miserably to play up to it.. This is a 4th or 5th seed team, winning most of it's games against the dregs of the NBA.

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