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The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The BEAL & BRODIE ERA

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Otto's jumper is absolutely hideous. 


Good thing he can contribute in other ways, but I'd be shocked if he's ever a starting caliber player in the NBA.


Oh well, nice bounce-back game.


Just as I hit enter he strokes a good jumper off a screen in rhythm. More of that.

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I feel it's too early to right off Otto given it took 3 years for Wall's jumper to start falling. He's already doing things I really like on defense and his mobility for a big man. He needs to add weight, but how many players don't at 20 years old?

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That was easily the best game of the season. Maybe the best game they've played in a year. Terific defense, even better hustle for rebounds, and everyone's shots for the most part were falling. Wall's jumper is really coming around. My only complaint is that Wall goes into halftime extremely hot, and enters the third flat as can be. I think he should atempt more drives to the basket to get back into his rhythm in the 3rd rather than going for jumpshots again. Gotta get the confidence built up again.


I liked what i saw out of Porter. He plays a little like a spider monkey. Arms and legs everywhere. He pulled in a good 8 or 9 rebounds on a huge Pistons front court, and was responsible for alot of tip outs. On top of that, his defense was pretty stellar save for one 3-t bomb by Billups. I think he will come along fine. If anything, he definitely needs to gain some weight so he can get some separation on offense. Im thinking he could present a Paul Pierce type of game if he can add some more muscle. But its well understood that he needs to gain. It'll come in time.

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On another note, I would still try to grab Josh Smith from Detroit. We certainly need another interior distributor other than Nene and Josh Smith is just as good at that if not more than Nene. On top of that, his defense and rebounding has always been stellar. Nene is out 50% of the season and should be coming off the Bench at this point. I know Ariza is playing out of his mind right now, and the cohesion is wonderful, but this is our last piece available to get another piece for this team. Ariza+Booker+something for Smith.













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I think Josh Smith would slowly drive me to insanity with every 3pt shot he attempts.

yea, Porter should not start at all. if that deal happens Webster starts no doubt. Porter is a ways away from starting.

This kinda bothers me because he was touted as "nba ready".

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I agree with Still. It's pretty unbearable to be a fan of a Josh Smith team. No thanks to him. He's a dumb player.

I'm also not interested in helping the Pistons get out of one of their two big mistakes from last offseason (Jennings being the other one). That mistake effectively caps off the beginning of the Drummond era at mediocrity and will force them to let a good player in Greg Monroe walk this summer.

Porter missed the offseason and most of the first two months. Nobody would be ready to go after that. He'll get up to speed in time and be able to start if needed without crapping his pants. But he won't start anyway, not unless Ariza gets dealt/hurt and Webster gets hurt.

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Smith is playing the 3 in an offence with two other bigs who cant really shoot. If he isnt going to shoot from the outside, who is? He shouldnt even be playing the 3. He should be an inside facilitator, much like Nene, who keeps the offence going in the half court, is unselfish about passing, can run the court, and is able to defend. Nene will be at 70% or less for the rest of his time here, and we really need someone else who can contribute.


How many times is Nene even sitting at the perimeter? Never. Just like Smith should be doing.


I didnt necessarily mean for Porter to start right now. He is obviously not ready. I just liked what Webster brought off the bench.

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I'd have a hard time letting Ariza walk the way he's playing not really knowing yet what we have with Porter. Even if Porter gets his shot going, Ariza is still arguably one of our best defensive players. If we can afford it, especially if Nene retires, we should make it work and keep Ariza. Let history be the judge...

I feel we should trade Ariza at the deadline for a late first. Ariza is gone as soon as free agency starts. You can tell when he talks about being traded here. Sucks DC isn't desirable place to play. Guess a horrible name and empty arena will give that impression.

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