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The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The BEAL & BRODIE ERA

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That was a tough loss.

3 in a row and now 3 under .500.

Gets a lot harder here in the short term too.

With any sort of offensive spark beyond Trevor Booker we win that game. It sucks so much that Beal and Nene are out.

One rebound in regulation with a two point lead and the goddamn game is over. One stop with 1.8 friggin seconds and we're still in it. This team still sucks on the road and they still suck in winning time.

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We were +14 on the boards tonight and still lost. That's unbelievable. Awful shooting plus lots of turnovers = no offensive rhythm whatsoever.


We wasted another monster game from Booker and a better than usual performance from the bench.



I hate that we have to be so dependent on Nene. He makes a big difference, but you can't rely on him to stay healthy. Wall was about as disinterested as he could be for 3 quarters, then turned found his game in the 4th quarter. Terrible game overall from him, we won't win many when he plays like this.

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He wasn't driving and they were giving us the boards to get back and stop him in transition. Teams are going to play him this way every time now.

And it's certainly a preview of what we'll see in the playoffs if we make it.

The high screen and roll game is only going to carry us so far. We NEED secondary creators so that the ball will move better and we won't have to rely on Wall to assist every bucket or take the shot himself.

We're still in future mode right now, but if we want to really make something out of this season, we need to make a move. Ariza has done his part to increase his value--so much so that we want to keep him ourselves. If we deal him for a legit back up PG and get a healthy Nene and Beal back, the starters will have offensive balance again and the bench has a chance to gel--X PG, Rice/Temple, Porter, Booker, Vesely.

And we truly are a different team on the road. If we get to the playoffs, there is now way we can make it out of the first round against any opponent unless we get home court.

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Without Beal and Nene, the spacing just isn't there. Way too much is on Wall's shoulders.


With that said, it came down to securing one rebound last night, and we couldn't do it.


That's how close it's been the last three games. Three we should have easily won, but literally one or two plays are the difference between 3 below and 3 above.

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At the end of the day, despite how great John Wall can be, this is a Grunfeld-built team and the ceiling will remain mediocrity until he is removed. His competence as a manager is the worst of all DC sports teams by a mile, even below Shanahan, which is saying something.  Coaching? Sucks. Bench? nonexistent. Scouting? Besides being gift wrapped Wall and Beal, nothing. Trades? Nene will never play a full season. Crawford? I don't care how much of a malcontent he was, he has talent and we got a torn ACL for him. Rubio for Miller and Foye? Haha.


Webster is the only savvy move I've seen him make and that's depressing.

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