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The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The BEAL & BRODIE ERA

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It was actually only two summer league games. We truly haven't seen anything out of him except what he did at Georgetown. He was a beast at GT, so if you're basing your opinion of him off that, then it should be good.

He certainly deserves a lot more time. But people get antsy early on. People were calling Beal a bust after his first three games.

He was awful last season. And I say that being a fan of him who watched him a bunch in college. He just didn't have an NBA body/game. You can't do much with a slow PG that can't shoot.

Yeah, I kinda of exaggerated to make my point.  But I think he is a solid two way player in a weak draft class.  As someone who is constantly ragging on the organization, I was pretty excited that we were able to select him.  With Wall and Beal, they could become our future big 3.  Of all the players, I wanted us to pick him.  Get healthy and let's see what he can do before we go an trade the guy. 

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Imagine if you **** in your coworkers shoe. Gil was a special guy.

I spent 16ish to 18 in a group home for juvenile delinquents. Funny enough, it was the group home that Joe Gibbs started in the area waaaay back when. It's male and female now but back then it was just all dudes. Dudes from everywhere, VA, DC, Maryland. One kid in there that NOBODY liked. His name was Robert but he said he wanted to be called DJ. Wanted so hard to be suave and cool. He just didn't belong. Came from a good family and home. Just wanted to pretend to be a bad ass cause that was cool. In fact, iirc, his fam put him in there rather than court ordered like the rest of us.

We just started calling him DJ Ugly. Used to follow him around "DJ *fricka fricka*UGGGGGGLY". I mean we'd write whole raps around it. Of course I got stuck with him as my roommate for a bit. Hated that ****er. Used to piss in his shampoo. Anyway, point of this story, he had these Stacy Adams loafers that he was so proud of. And one day, right before Xmas, someone took a **** in them. Oh man, talk about **** hitting the fan (pun not intended.) They locked down the whole place. Some folks had home passes for Xmas, threatened to take those away. Unless someone owned up to it. I don't remember what happened but it eventually died down. And people hated him even more (for telling staff about it).

And that is G.A.C.O.L.B.'s "A Day in the Life of..." story for the day. ****ty game so I figured I'd share.

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