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The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The BEAL & BRODIE ERA

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I found this interesting. Gives you some inkling of what Ted is thinking.





Wizards owner Ted Leonsis remains the man with the plan


Ted Leonsis gave the most succinct answer he ever will. The loquacious owner was asked whether he considered broader changes to the Washington Wizards — specifically, removing Ernie Grunfeld as team president — and Leonsis didn’t hesitate or back in to a response.


“Not really,” he said.


He paused as if to leave his answer strong and curt, but Leonsis doesn’t know how to be curt. You can’t ask him “How’s it going?” without receiving a thoughtful and methodical reply. He probably should go by “Theodore” just to hint at his abundant repertoire of syllables. So he had to talk more about his rationale for keeping

Grunfeld and the front office intact.


“Because we were executing to the plan,” Leonsis said Wednesday after the Wizards introduced Scott Brooks as their new coach . “If we had varied from the plan and the plan didn’t work, then I think it would’ve been in my realm of responsibility to take a look. But we were executing a plan that we agreed to when I bought the team five years ago.”


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Its official: Ted is an idiot. I thought he was smart, but turns out he's just another dolt who lucked into billions because of the dot com boom.

If you read "The Business of Happiness," it almost says this is how he made his money lol.

He tried several ventures including selling technology catalogs. He got on AOL early and thats where he got his money.

He went to GTown Biz school, but nothing about that book showed me he has a great business acumen and those comments strike me as someone who doesnt know what he is doing.

Ted Leonsis is an idiot.

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Ted's no fool and he didn't just luck into anything. I normally would admire the philosophy of calm determination to trust the plan. It's easy to panic in business and over react to ups and downs. The problem is his faith in Grunfeld. His plan can be great but the man executing it is a clown.

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You are being kind when there is no reason for it. There is absolutely no plan.

Or there is a plan, it just happens to be a bad plan. Or the plan is something unexpected, like money laundering. Who can say for sure? No one. All we can do is wait and see what fresh horrors the future brings.

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Counterpoint: We have coach with recent Finals experience, a very solid young core and tons of cap room.

As a fan that lived through the 80s, 90s, and 00s...things could be much, much worse.

I don't know. I lived through all that too. This season hurt more than any of those. I've never been more discouraged as a Wizards/Bullets fan in my life. That includes Gil blowing out his knee, us dumping the wrong Fab 5er and the GOAT setting us back a decade to go on a two year retirement tour. This season...man. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, eat **** and die you midget-armed ****.

Shame he doesn't reply to emails anymore.

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I don't know. I lived through all that too. 

Hope can be cruel. For me, the hardest season was the one after RGIII's rookie campaign because I really saw great things ahead. Griffin looked great, Alfred looked great, the D finally showed some cohesion. We were building something and we had a HC who knew how to be a winner.


I thought Griffin might stumble because of the injury. I never imagined the degree to which the rest of the team would fall apart. The defense took eight steps back... we were all there.


I think it's the same thing with the Wiz. Everyone was ready for them to launch. They saw enough with Wall and Beal that they thought good times were ahead. That makes the fall much more painful. It blindsides you. Hopefully, they get their act together. They still have some good players. Their GM hates the draft, but has no draft next year anyway. The new coach got some things done.


The Wiz and the 'skins have been hard teams to love. Hopefully things are looking up for the 'skins. The Caps and Nats are looking positive. Basketball in DC really depends on a smart free agency period. Grunfield has had mixed results. All I can say is that offseasons are good for rehab and recovery.

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If Ernie is making the trade, we're going to get fleeced and have nothing left to build with


Gotta wait and see what happens.  We do have some young talent, but zero interior presence.  I can see Beal and Gortat being involved, but the truth is the only player I trust right now is Wall.  Everyone else is potential or you know what you got.  I had to rub my eyes a little when I saw he averaged 27/11 last year with the Kings.

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If Ernie is making the trade, we're going to get fleeced and have nothing left to build with


We already have "nothing."  Got to try something. I'd take Boogie over Beal any day.  Wall and Boogie alone would get us closer to 50 wins and better contention then we have now.

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