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The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The BEAL & BRODIE ERA

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I wouldn't say they got outcoached. They just got gassed. They've only got 7 players and no really creative scorers. There is only so much Thibs can do.


The Bulls looked lost and the pucker effect set in late in the 4th.  The coach should have seen what I saw which was a Wizards team with no momentum late in the fourth, ripe for the picking, and the Bulls let them hang around instead of stomping on their throat and putting the game away.


I agree with the lack of scorers comment (and that has a lot to do with it, I agree 100%), but I didn't see a counter move to Whitman's adjustments.  If there was one, it failed which means Thibodeau got out coached.  

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Oh you know it's going to be awesome. DC has been starving for a good team playing meaningful games. The city is ready to pull for these guys.

This is such a fun team. Balanced. Tough. Good under pressure.

Every night the Bulls will have to make adjustments to stop different guys. And in doing so, they'll free up a new set of weapons. I can't wait until Friday. The next two days are going to be an eternity.

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lost my voice yelling at the refs tonight

I didn't like the way the game was called. I was livid as it was happening, but mostly I was demoralized at the missed FTs. Bad or slanted officiating in the playoffs on the road is inevitable. But when you shoot so poorly from the line, on the road, in a tight game... you have to blame yourself.

I'm just glad that none of it mattered. Beal is a friggin assassin and Nene killed it in OT.

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Bulls fans are enraged by the Nene v Taj jump ball. They are right too, nene straight up grabbed his arm. lol. They still got at least a dozen more calls though.

Hahaha http://gfycat.com/AnimatedNaughtyIrishsetter#

Taj got the time out in. But Taj was also the beneficiary of a ton of no calls. As was Noah. Both he and Hinrich should have fouled out.

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The reffing was atrocious again.  How can you miss two offensive interferences in two games?

The Boozer one was clear too. That seems like one of the easier calls to make in real time.

The officiating was herky jerky too. Broke up the flow of the game. Stretches where they called everything, then confusingly, stretches just as long where they called almost nothing.

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The world is getting to know the wizards with these playoff games against a giant media market (Chicago) and broadcast on TNT. Hello world we aren't the Washington Generals, buy some gear and join the party!

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