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I literally couldn't get away from the Dallas Cowboys this morning..driving me NUTS


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There have been posts like this before, but please let me vent.

So I turn to NFL Network for some game day talk. Guess what? Michael Irvin is right in the middle of an emotional tirade about how disappointed he is in the Cowboys.

Disgusted, I change the channel to ESPN. literally, as soon as I switch over to ESPN, there's the gang deep in the middle of a 10 minute analysis of why Dallas is struggling. Started to get really annoyed now.

So I turn to Fox and guess what? Yup, they were debating if Jerry Jones should be concerned and if there will be a coaching controversy if Dallas loses today.

In the span of 30 seconds, i switched to 3 different pre-game shows, and they were all talking about Dallas.

And to top it all off, almost everybody on Fox (4 outta 5 except Strahan) picked the 0-2 Cowboys to beat the 2-0 Texans. Why does everybody always gives them the benefit of the doubt?

Not to mention all the attention they get. It has always annoyed me, but this morning I damn near threw my remote at the TV. Sorry for the rant fellas, and thanks for listening.

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OTOH, does it really hurt you to listen to everybody in the media going "Why is Dallas losing?"

Heck, they could go 0-3, today, and I think the have a bye next week.

We could get two more weeks of "how come Dallas keeps losing?" With accompanying finger-pointing, rumors, and all kinds of fun.

Heck, go find a Cowboy fan, and ask then why their team stinks. Look concerned. Sympathetic.

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