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Well, I am trying my first ebay listing


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I made my first art sale to a retail store yesterday. They bought a set of the kiddy art I shared with you guys a couple of weeks ago. Still, have to make some of the upgrades to the site that you folk mentioned. You really had some nice ideas thanks. Currently, it's pretty hard to find. Just wondering if anyone else has tried ebay and what they thought of it?

If anyone is curious, the piece I decided to try is titled Mama Dragon and you can find it under self-representing artists and fantasy.... though honestly, it took me a while to find where they listed it myself. I'm a bit worried about this, but at least the fees were cheap.

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I've just started listing quite a few things on eBay and so far I've learned that summer is the slowest time for selling - people are much more likely to buy when they are stuck inside at their computer for entertainment. (Fall & winter). Also, I've learned that the best time to 'end' an auction is on Sunday night. The majority of people 'shop' on the weekend so you want your listing to be towards the top of your category on the weekend! Good luck -- I've made quite a bit of 'mad money' getting rid of junk! With a nice product like your art you should do well!

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