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Our Washington...(Ideas for a name to replace Wizards)


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In case anyone missed it (at this point I'm sure I'm one of six who didn't) the Wizards have announced that they're going back to the proper red, white and blue color scheme for their uniforms beginning in the 2011-2012 season. This is great and everything, but we need to change the name. So, saying that Bullets is unfortunately out (which I'm 99% positive it is) what are some ideas for a new name for our professional basketball team?

One idea I had awhile back on WE was Soldiers. Bad ass enough. Manly enough. And Nation's Capitol enough. I mean choose your logo:


An idea that Kevin and Rock have been pushing on their show the last couple of days is Regulators. I like that as well.

So it needs to be something bad ass and manly and DCish. And iff you think of something, before you post it ask yourself "Would this work with a WNBA team?"

Again, Bullets is out of the question. As much as the team name should be Bullets, as much as Ted would go down as a legend if he renamed the team back to Bullets, it is sadly not going to happen.

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Zephyrs. I like the idea of going way way back.

The Zephyrs were their original name when they were in Chicago because Zephyrus was the God of the Winds and the city being called 'the windy city'.

I think it can fit in DC because the winds of change are in town now that we have a competent owner and John Wall.

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People try to match the names up too much. It could be the Washington Pirates for all I care. Just win damnit! It can't be worse than wizards... like we are the official team of LARPers and Fantasy MMO players everywhere.

100% Agree.

Washington Mambo Sauce?

Washington Go Go's?

Just win Damnit. The Nationals, and Capitals never won jack.

The Bullets won one title in 30+ years.

How about we build a franchise with great players who win.

Not sure how Bullets is any more related to DC than the Wizards.

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Bullets has history. Google it.

And of course we want to win. You're preaching that to me? Really? I'm talking about the name here though. Wizards sucks. Period. It's an embarrassment.

That's BALTIMORE dude. Stop the madness.

Who cares about wizards name. I watched them since I was born and all they do is lose.

Capitals color change got them a first round exit in the playoffs.

Nuff said.

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If "Bullets" won't fly, neither will a logo that involves a gun....for more obvious reasons than the one we were fed when the team became the Wizards, mind you.

The Washington Metros....The Washington Filibusters....The Washington Kenyans....The Washington Wingnuts? :ols:

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