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Mike Jones via twitter: Jammal Brown practiced at LT today?


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I agree...definitely a good move especially hearing that Williams is walking with a noticeable limp today at practice...predicting he will be out at least until the Packers home game if not longer.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that Trent's injury will only keep him out this week. After I heard that the injury wasn't as serious as we all feared, I immediately wanted him to sit out this upcoming game against the Rams with the hope that the extra week of rest will be enough for him to go against the Eagles and beyond. This isn't a slight against the Rams . . . but they just aren't as talented off the edge as the teams we will be facing in the next couple of weeks. While the Eagles have plenty of problems with their offensive line, their defensive line has always been able to generate pressure against us.

I am interested to see if they will activate Selvish Capers from practice squad this week to add o line depth

Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if this was the case. Especially considering that Jammal still hasn't lasted an entire game and Coach Shanahan continuing to rotate linemen in and out. At this point I'd rather have a 7th Rounder in Selvish Capers play at Left Tackle than Heyer.

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I fear this game is going to be a lot closer than people are envisioning. Shifting around our online is going to have some serious effects on what we can do offensively.

Maybe, probably. Fact is we have a guy injured and Heyer at LT scares me. I'd rather the coaches see what everyone can do now in the beginning of the season so they know what works down the stretch. Remember when we lost Samuels(or was is a replacement?) against Baltimore and we plugged in that scrub? I believe one of the Ravens LB's called out our coaching staff on that piece of stupidity.

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heyer is 100% the most disappointing redskins player this team has had over the past 2-3 seasons. ive never seen a guy show so much potential/promise only to turn into absolute garbage. i remember the first time i heard about him, he had a great practice, bugel was raving about him, we were all excited about finding a local undrafted gem for our RT spot to take over for jansen. he had a couple of nice games and then all the sudden he just started getting bad. then worse. then worse. then hilariously bad. its to the point now where when hes in the game you know that whoever the DE on him is, that guy is going to abuse the piss out of him.

he might be one of the few lineman that weve had that struggles on almost every single down. i really hope we cut him soon as he really does serve no purpose. theres no way capers can be worse than him.

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