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Enough with the Ridicoulous Threads People!


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First of all, Portis is still a good running back he can catch, run, block, and put his head down and get in the endzone for a sure touchdown. Second, Moss and Cooley are not our only options, they are good options, but McNabb hit 7 different recievers in the first half. That means we have more weapons than just Moss and Cooley.

Next, we don't need any more recievers yeah i'll take VJ but Baskett is a downgrade from what we have. So please people quit making yourselves look ridicoulous on this forum. Also icing the kicker is part of the game people the defense has a right to use its timeouts whenever they want. Also the redskins will do better than 6-10 this is a good team and will only grow together to be a great team. The only problem we have is we need to sure up the defense that's it. Our running game will be there when we need it.

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