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Per Adam Schefter, Texans OT Duane Brown suspeded for PED's.


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I'm told Texans OT Duane Brown has been suspended four games, two sources said.


Brown, a first round pick in the 2008 draft, started every game the past 3 seasons for the Texans.

It's quite a blow to the Texans who might get slowed down after a hot start.

The Texans next 4 games are Cowboys, Raiders, Giants and Chiefs.


Also reported by Adam Schefter.


I think we deserve a win credited to us.

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The NFL will do anything to get the Cowboys a win. They probably tested the whole Texans team yesterday!

Just kidding. I'm sure this happened awhile ago.

lol, that's even worse if it happened a while ago. So they waited until the Texans play the Cowboys? :doh:

Cowboys have a solid front 7, this is great news for them and awful news for the Texans.

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I didn't mean that, TN. It was a knee-jerk reaction born of my frustration from sunday's game. Honestly I think if Dallas can cut out the penalties they can score right alongside the Texans the whole way and take this one due to Houston's miserable secondary. At least you guys can run the ball. We almost beat them by air only.

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