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Welcome Home Luncheon


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Originally posted by EvilMonkeyBoy

Anyone else go to the Welcome Home Luncheon today? I did and I had a good time. I also had the winning(and only) bid for a tour of the PtI set with Wilbon and Kornheiser.

I knew I should have called in sick today :mad:

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Originally posted by gridironmike

What all went on? Tell Korny I like his stuff and Wilbon that he is too stuck on racial issues.

We sat with former and current players and ate a nice filet. Pat Fischer, Todd Franz, and Rashad Bauman(Who I sat next to) sat at my table. I talked to Rashad about how Ramsey hurt his pinky in practice when he tried to bat down a pass, how whoever has to cover Santana Moss will be tired by the end of the game, how the new show Playmakers is in no way what the real NFL is like, even if he still likes it, etc...

Got some player autographs, they gave Bryan Johnson, Rod Gardner, and Lavar Arrington awards for ST, O, and D respectively. Talked a bit with Ken Harvey, Mike Bragg, Doc Walker. Got a few autographs for my younger brother. Talked with Ramsey about his hand, if it would make it worse signing all those autographs.

Good meal, good people, and a trip to the PtI set. First thing I'll tell Korny and Wilbon is that I was the only one that wanted to go on the tour, shows how great their fanbase is.

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