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mark brunell going to be traded?


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Jack Del Rio is cleaning house.

Too bad for Brunell, he was a Titans 3 losses away from having the quickest trip to the Super Bowl for an expansion team. Also helped the Jags go to the AFC Championship in their second season.

Definately a legend in the Jags short history.

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Jags star Brunell put on trade block

By Vito Stellino - Times-Union sports writer - August 26, 2003

Sending a clear signal that the Mark Brunell era in Jacksonville is nearly over, the Jaguars started shopping the veteran quarterback around the league yesterday.

The Jaguars called the New York Jets, who lost quarterback Chad Pennington for at least 12 weeks with a broken wrist Saturday night, to ask if they would be interested in Brunell according to a source familiar with the talks.

The Jets, who plan to start veteran Vinny Testaverde and signed 25-year-old Todd Husak for depth, said they weren't interested. The Jaguars replied that they would continue to try to trade him.

Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio confers with quarterbacks Mark Brunell (8), Quinn Gray (12), David Garrard (9) and Byron Leftwich during their game Saturday against the Buccaneers in Tampa.

According to ESPN, the Ravens and Cowboys also were contacted and both said they weren't interested.

Jaguars spokesman Dan Edwards said last night the team would have no comment on the trade talks.

The problem with trading Brunell now is that he has a $6.75 million base salary for the upcoming season and if a team acquires him, they'd have to pick up his salary.

If the Jaguars release Brunell Sunday when all the teams have to make their final roster cutdown to 53 players, a team interested in him could negotiate a new salary.

It's also difficult for a quarterback to be released a week before the season starts when all the starting jobs are filled and he won't have much time to learn a new system.

Brunell would have had more opportunities if the Jaguars had cut him in May or June after they drafted Byron Leftwich with the seventh pick in the draft.

Their original plan apparently was to keep the veteran core -- including Brunell -- intact in hopes of being a contender this season. They offered safety Donovin Darius a $3 million franchise tender, which he signed and is now guaranteed, and spent $10 million in signing bonuses for defensive end Hugh Douglas and linebacker Mike Peterson.

That plan apparently changed when wide receiver Jimmy Smith was suspended for the first four games of the regular season for violating the league's substance abuse policy. The Jaguars now appear to be ready to go into the season with David Garrard and Leftwich as their quarterbacks as they build for the future.

Coach Jack Del Rio fueled speculation last Thursday that the Jaguars would change direction when he said that Smith's signing could cause a "ripple effect" that would impact on other personnel decisions.

He was vague on what moves the team would make, although they could save almost $13 million in base salary this year by cutting Brunell, Smith and Kyle Brady.

Del Rio was vague again yesterday when he declined to say that Brunell would be the opening day starter.

"Nothing has changed from my stance on what I have said from Day 1," he said.

When Del Rio was asked again if he could definitively say Brunell would start in Carolina on Sept. 7, he said, "No, I can say definitively the same thing I've said since I got here. That hasn't changed. You guys have plenty of quotes, you can go back and dig that up. I've been very clear on how I'm going to address the entire roster."

He was asked once again if he could definitely say Brunell would start the opener and he said, "I'm not saying where anybody is definitively starting. Right now, he's our quarterback. Right now, Hugh Douglas is our right end. There are other guys you can pencil in, but it doesn't get inked in until we get ready for Carolina."

The Jaguars' locker room was closed to reporters yesterday and Brunell was not available for comment.

Del Rio knows he could end all the speculation by saying Brunell will start the season.

Releasing Brunell would be a wrenching decision for the franchise because he's been the team's starting quarterback since he beat out Steve Beuerlein in 1995, the team's first season.

Brunell led the team to the playoffs from 1996-1999 while making the Jaguars the most successful expansion team in history.

But the Jaguars have experienced three consecutive losing seasons. And Brunell has suffered concussions two years in a row and has been sacked 174 times since 1999, more than any other quarterback in the league.

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According to ESPN this morning, Dallas passed on Brunell... thankfully. Likely the contract issue.. now let's hope they pass if he hits the waiver wire. Brunell and Parcells I think would be just too good of a matchup.


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here's the article from espn.com

all three of these teams would be much better with Brunell at the QB spot. my guess is he now gets cut and one of them (and maybe ARI) will pick him up.

Monday, August 25, 2003

By Len Pasquarelli


Even as Jacksonville Jaguars officials remain vague about the status of quarterback Mark Brunell and tap-dance around the issue of Brunell's job security as the regular season approaches, there was yet another indication on Monday that they might end the 10-year veteran's tenure with the club.

League sources confirmed to ESPN.com that a high-ranking Jaguars personnel official phoned the New York Jets on Monday to see if they might be interest in adding Brunell through a trade. The Jets apparently said they were not interested in such a deal.

ESPN's Chris Mortensen also reported that Brunell was offered to the Cowboys and Ravens, who also declined.

The mere fact the Jaguars have attempted to initiate trade talks, or simply inquired about outside interest in Brunell, does not augur well for his future. There are some within the Jacksonville organization who feel the team would be better served by cutting ties to Brunell, as they did with coach Tom Coughlin, and rebuilding with a younger quarterback.

The Jaguars invested their first-round pick in this year's draft on Byron Leftwich. And second-year quarterback David Garrard, who has performed well in camp, might be one of the NFL's most improved players this summer.

First-year coach Jack Del Rio told the team's Web site that "nothing has changed" in his stance about the Jaguars' starting quarterback. But pressed on the issue, Del Rio could not be pinned down. Said Del Rio: "Right now, [brunell's] our quarterback."

Certainly trading or releasing Brunell -- and rumors have abounded in Jacksonville over the past few days concerning both scenarios -- would signal the end of an era there. That would officially toss the franchise into rebuilding mode, a state owner Wayne Weaver has attempted to avoid as he tries to market his team and sell tickets.

Brunell, 32, represents the past, a time when the Jaguars advanced to the 1996 AFC championship game in only their second season of existence and made the playoffs the next three seasons. But the Jags, with Brunell, have missed the playoffs the last three years.

During the spring, in dealing with Brunell's contract, it became increasingly clear that the upcoming season would be his final one in a Jacksonville uniform. But he has not looked good in camp, and Garrard has closed the gap. There is little doubt, as well, that Leftwich is the face of the team's future.

Brunell is scheduled to earn a base salary of $6.75 million in 2003. His base salary for '04 is $6.5 million, but he is also due a $2 million bonus if he is still on the Jacksonville roster next March 1.

Acquired in a trade with Green Bay in 1995, Brunell has been the Jags' starter since he arrived. For his career, he has completed 2,141 of 3,557 pass attempts for 25,309 yards, with 142 touchdown passes, 86 interceptions and a passer rating of 85.1. He has appeared in 119 games and started 114 of them.

Len Pasquarelli is a senior writer for ESPN.com.

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Byron Leftwich's fantasy football value just went up.

In all honesty, I was a bit surprised they were sticking with Brunell given that the rest of the team was more or less in rebuilding mode. Brunell has been something of a letdown, although his injuries haven't helped him.

I always regarded him as a Steve Young in the making, but he never approached Young's numbers despite IMHO having as much talent on offense quite often as Young did.

We won't get Brunell. Why would we want him, and why would he want to sit as a backup for us? He'll go to the Jets, or maybe Dallas, although I don't see why the Cowboys, who are worse off than the Jags, would want to bother with a veteran QB.

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I personally think the Jags are nutz! For one Brunell is thier best QB right now, even though Garrard is itching up the charts and could possibly be the starter soon. But heres the dilema do you balk on Brunell and use Garrard as your strater and Leftwich as the back-up? With the way the offensive line looks the QB's are gonna get slaughtered and in reality your most mobile QB is Brunell. If you trade or release him this team will be in deep trouble not only are you risking injury to Garrard but your risking the fact that Leftwich would eventually have to play and your throwing out an 11 million dollar investment to one of, if not the worst offensive lines in the NFL or even college for that matter. Leftwich is gonna be a special player one day but throwing him out there behined that line is suicide and could end his career prematurely.

P.S. - Thursday night Prediction

Jags - 3

Redskins - 35

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