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Christian Ponder is the perfect Shanahan QB


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It's never to early to think draft!

I went to USC and like them, but I haven't really cared for thier last few HCs.

Not taking advice from the guy who didn't know who started at FB for the last two games.

McNabb has a 2-3 year window and hasn't had a great history of health.

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Honestly Gutlead, you are right.

Ponder looks amazing. I think we need to get this guy. Keep him on the bench for the rest of McNabbs carreer and bring him in like Aaron Rodgers.

We need to draft him with our 1st pick next year. As for our 2nd pick we need to go Gaurd.

That means we need to get a quality receiver in FA. Then we will have a QB for the future. Add depth to our already better OL and have a FA WR.

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Ponder actually is a pretty good fit for the Shanahan offense.

He's pretty mobile and his bread and butter is the intermediate passing range.

He'd be ideal for the rollouts and moving pockets that both Shanahans love to utilize, and he has the accuracy and arm strength to work the middle of the field.

I know Jags and Bills scouts were at the FSU game yesterday to see Ponder, but I really hope he ends up on a solid team.

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Ponder has everything you want in a QB and from mock drafts I see he is going later on in the 1st round like Flacco did. Thats most likely where the Redskins are picking.

I think we need to bite the bullet and pick this guy.

We will need to beef up the OL and get a WR next offseason though.

If we dont go with Ponder we need a 1st round WR.

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The kid has already graduated with honors, so he is very intelligent, it translates to field unlike others.

He's not a product of superior talent around him like the FSU teams of the 90s, he's not out there just chucking it up and letting the WRs go get it.

He throws the ball very well on the move, espeacially on the boot.

He is a great character guy as well. It's meant to be.

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I completely agree, I've been watching Christian Ponder for years now and I wanted him drafted for a while, I love the way he plays with whatever talent is around him and he is an experienced leader, plus he is a damn good quarterback, he can move around the field, and he's smart.

I'd LOVE to draft him and make him our next franchise guy, give him a year or so of learning under McNabb and Kyle (ala Aaron Rodgers) and then place him in. He will be a legit, top half starter in this league for a long time.

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