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Gameplanning for Dallas


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December 30, 2008 - Mike Shanahan is fired by the Denver Broncos.

Jan 3, 2009 Mike Shanahan to Peter King :

"What I'm going to do is take a couple of weeks to sit back and relax a little, then consider what it is I'm going to do, Unless there's a perfect situation out there, I'd rather sit out the year and return next year.'' - ---

October 13, 2009 - Fanhouse.com reports:

"Sources have confirmed that the Washington Redskins recently tried to hire Mike Shanahan to replace Jim Zorn and Shanahan declined. The sources would not rule out the possibility that Shanahan would reconsider in the offseason.

December 17, 2009 - Bruce Allen hired as GM after Vinny Cerrato "resigns".

January 4, 2010 - Jim Zorn Fired

January 5, 2010 - Mike Shanahan hired.

July 2010 to Larry Weisman of Redskins.com:

Q: In coming back to coaching after a year off, are you sensing a difference in yourself in terms of your patience or your desire?

A: “When you work for 35 years without any time off, 70-100 hour weeks for 35 years, and then you go through a season when you don’t have any time schedule except yours, that’s quite a difference. I had time to do things I had never been able to do, personally as well as professionally. Professionally, I went to some summer camps and got to see how other people run a camp at the professional level and at the collegiate level. I had not done that since I was in college and when you’re working in the NFL, the other teams aren’t going to let you see what they’re doing. So that was something that was interesting.

“The thing that I had never done before was not have the pressure of getting ready for a game, not worrying about injuries, not doing the weekly routine. I could enjoy the games, study the games — and what a great game we do have. I watched it as a coach as well as a fan. I’ve got six TVs and some of them you can break up the screen so it was a perfect situation to watch all the games, watch the interviews and follow teams. That was a different perspective.”

I give you all of that historical context to make one point. When do you think Mike Shanahan knew he would be joining the skins? I say, when he "rejected" the mid-season job offer to replace Zorn at a MINIMUM. That puts us in October of 2009. At that time (and for 8 months leading up to that time) Shanahan had his own office and secretary, was meeting with coaches, assembling a staff (which included Haslett from the jump), and studying the rest of the league. He spent five hours a day watching film from some reports.

He visited college and pro camps to learn new tricks and refresh himself. He is known league wide for his legendary 100 hour work weeks. He is a work-aholic in every sense of the phrase.

Shanahan is well aware of our history. He referenced it in his introductory press conference (without screwing up our team colors either!). He is well aware of who our arch nemesis is. He is also well aware of who we were playing in our home opener this year.

So, if he knew he was joining the skins in the fall of 2009, I ask you, seriously, when do you think Mike Shanahan started "gameplanning" for the Dallas Cowboys?

Dallas may have some serious talent at certain positions. They may also have a distinct advantage in cohesiveness since the team has essentially been playing together for years now in the same system. But I have to say, knowing that Shanahan has been preparing to beat the Wade Phillips led cowboys on national TV to open the first chapter of his rebirth makes me absolutely giddy.

If we lose this game, I believe it will be because we have serious talent deficiencies relative to the Cowboys that simply cannot be overcome with great gameplanning and strategy. But, personally, I don't think that is what we will see in this game. What we will see will be a year in the making. It will be a bona fide genius with a chip on his shoulder unleashing over a year's worth of work on the Dallas Cowboys with the entire country tuning in. I personally, can't wait to see what Shanny has in store for Wade and his troops. I expect it to truly be exceptional.



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I think and hope you are correct. It's hard to shed the pessimism that has leeched into me over the last few years. One layer was lifted with Shanahan first spoke highly of JC and then turned around and traded him for a future 4th. That said loud and clear we have a real coach and GM. Another layer will be lifted when we beat Dallas to open our season. Man that would be frickin great. HTTR! Great to have football once again.

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I think Shanny's sights are set a bit higher than Dallas. It's more "beat dallas on the way to the superbowl"

I do agree that his taking a year off to refresh and recharge is a great thing for us.

Absolutely. Didn't mean to suggest that he ONLY worried about Dallas. But I don't think you take the Ohio State job without knowing you need to beat Michigan. Shanny understands the history and I guarantee Bruce Allen does.

I have NO DOUBT that shanny had his sights on the division champion Dallas cowboys a LONG time ago.

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I hope and pray you are right. I live in DFW (born, raised, college in VA-lifelong Skins fan btw), and they have pretty much guaranteed victory in the first game against us. The media down here goes through the "tough" games on their schedule, and we are totally discounted. Tough game against GB, Minny, NO, ect; we are not even included in the conversation. It pisses me off BAD! I have NEVER wanted an opening day victory as badly as this one-never. The media and 'Boys fans down here are are still, preaseason and all, convinced they are superior to EVERYONE. I am counting the minutes until that game no matter the outcome. I don't have the underlying fear (coaching) that I had with Zorn. Gibbs2 always played them tough and I think with Mike, it will be the same. They may not mention us here but that is true folly on their part. They will come to realize this very soon.

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GREAT job OP...good read I'm thinking 9-7 or even 10-6. The great thing about all of this is the team of Bruce Allen and Coach Shanahan they have in 1 off season got this sinking ship to actually float again. The team may not reach the playoffs but now we are going in that direction and that gets a HTTR.

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